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Carey Bryson

Oscar Judges Were Feeling Brave

By February 25, 2013

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I'm thrilled that Brave took the Oscar for Best Animated Film, though to be perfectly honest, I think Wreck-It Ralph had just as good of a shot at winning. Wreck-It Ralph had a lot going for it, not the least of which are clever humor, a unique storyline, and the stellar success of pulling off the amazing feat of convincingly incorporating four video game worlds into one movie. Both of the stop-motion animated nominees (Frankenweenie and ParaNorman) also deserved every bit of attention for their artistry and sheer brilliance in storytelling. So, what made Brave stand out?

The story of Brave is a timeless one -- the mother-daughter relationship, a generation gap, the need to truly listen and understand... But, the story isn't really a surprising one or one that stands out as being particularly clever or unique. At the end of the day, Brave tells a solid and well-written tale that has universal appeal and relatability. What carries the movie above and beyond descriptions like "solid" and "universal appeal," is the brilliant animation and the film's ability to truly transport viewers back in time to an authentic, beautiful and fun version of medieval Scotland.

From the accents and the attire to the language and the landscape, Brave is a thoroughly researched and stunningly executed visual masterpiece. The filmmakers went to incredible lengths to make the setting authentic. You can read about some of the ways they did this in our article on the making of the movie -- Brave: Fun Facts. The characters fit perfectly into the setting, and the picture of family life in Brave is endearing, realistic, and often hilarious. Parents can relate to King Fergus and Queen Elinor, and kids adore the strong and powerful Merida and her mischievous triplet brothers.

The short released with Brave, "La Luna" is equally breathtaking, but it was up for nominations the year before. "Paperman," the winner of Best Animated Short Film is also Disney and was released in theaters along with Wreck-It Ralph. Read here all about Paperman and what made the short so special.

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