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10 Animated Movies for Kids and Families of 2014 - About.com
The movie brings Peabody and Sherman into this century with updated, CG animation and a bold new adventure. When Sherman shows off the time machine to ...
10 Films That Revolutionized Computer Graphics - Part 1
From Tron to Titanic, we present five films that revolutionized the way we think about ... to the possibilities of CG, causing many filmmakers to re-explore projects that had been ... Firsts: First fully animated photoreal creatures in a feature film.
Getting Started in 3D Modeling and Animation - About.com
So, you've seen countless movies, games, and commercials full of robots, futuristic ... Whether you'd like to one day make a career out of 3D animation, become a modder ... Portfolio Building 101 - Introduction to Portfolio Building for CG & V...
10 Films That Revolutionized Computer Graphics - Part 2
From Star Wars to Avatar, we present five more films that have revolutionized the way ... and replacement—approximately 90% of the film's shots used CG in some way, ... where so many have tried and failed—photorealistic facial animation.
Films That Revolutionized Computer Graphics - Honorable Mentions
A fully animated, nearly-but-not-qite-photorealistic film featuring dozens of CG environments and characters, Final Fantasy is undoubtedly one of the most ...
A Look at the Three Main Types of Animation - Hollywood Movies
In the years since, traditionally animated films have remained popular at ... and it wasn't long before other studios began clamoring to get into the CGI game.
What is Rigging? - Preparing a 3D Model For Animation - About.com
Before a 3D model can be animated, it must be passed to a character technical director (TD) for a ... Upcoming 3D Movies Summer 2013 - Blockbuster Edition.
Why are Film Effects So Much Better Than Video Game Graphics?
... the CG in film and animation looks so much more photoreal than in games is quite ... Everything in a film is pre-rendered, long before the movie is shown to an  ...
Animating for Video Games vs. Animating for Movies - Animation
So you see, while interactivity vs. passivity is the main thing that separates CGI video games from CGI movies, that simple description just barely touches upon ...
Good CG Lighting and Why It's Important - The Under-Appreciated ...
A discussion on the under-appreciated art of good CG lighting, and some advice to spruce ... that someone had to build those characters and sets and someone had to animate them. ... Upcoming 3D Movies Summer 2013 - Blockbuster Edition.
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