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10 Animated Movies for Kids and Families of 2014 - About.com
The movie brings Peabody and Sherman into this century with updated, CG animation and a bold new adventure. When Sherman shows off the time machine to ...
10 Films That Revolutionized Computer Graphics - Part 1
3D computer animation certainly would have caught on eventually, but John Lasseter & Co. stormed onto the scene with one of the most beloved films of the last ...
3D Computer Graphics: Getting Started - About.com
So, you've seen countless movies, games, and commercials full of robots, futuristic ... Animation: “I'd like to try computer animation, like I've seen in Toy Story, ...
Confusing Clone Wars Titles - Clone Wars vs. The Clone Wars
The movie that kicked off said CGI-animated series was, of course, also called The Clone Wars. But perhaps The Clone Wars: The Movie isn't too difficult to ...
What is Rigging? - Preparing a 3D Model For Animation - About.com
Before a 3D model can be animated, it must be passed to a character ... 3D Movies ... Portfolio Building 101 - Introduction to Portfolio Building for CG & VFX.
10 Films That Revolutionized Computer Graphics - Part 2
Welcome back for Part 2 in our Films that Revolutionized Computer Graphics .... Firsts: Broke new ground in photorealistic facial animation, 3D scaning, and ...
Glossary: CGI - Computer Animation - About.com
... with computers. The term "CGI" can apply to both 2D and 3D renderings, but is most commonly used in reference to 3D. ... Windows Movie Maker Slideshow ...
CGI animated - Animated TV - About.com
An overview of the cel animation technique, with vocabulary and definitions. ... The 40 Most Terrifying Ghost Movies of All Time · By Mark H. Harris.
Films That Revolutionized Computer Graphics - Honorable Mentions
A fully animated, nearly-but-not-qite-photorealistic film featuring dozens of CG environments and characters, Final Fantasy is undoubtedly one of the most ...
CGI File (What It Is & How To Open One) - PC Support - About.com
A CGI file is a Common Gateway Interface Script file. Learn how to open a .CGI file or convert a CGI file to another file format. ... Windows Movie Maker: Exporting .
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