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Chimpanzee - Movie Trailers, Clips and Info - Kids - About.com
Chimpanzee (2012) - Movie trailer, clips and info about the Disneynature documentary Chimpanzee. Opens on Earth Day 2012.
Chimpanzee - Movie Review - Kids - About.com
Apr 20, 2012 ... Bottom line: Chimpanzee follows the story of a young chimp who survives against all odds. The footage of chimps in the wild African jungle is ...
Chimpanzee (2012) - Fun and Educational Activities for Kids
Inspired by the Disneynature documentary Chimpanzee, here are some ideas and resources for activities and information to help kids learn more about chimps,  ...
Pet Chimpanzees - Exotic Pets - About.com
Chimpanzees are highly intelligent and resemble humans in many ways - but do they make good pets?
Chimpanzees - Chimpanzees as Animal Totems
When chimpanzee totem appears it may be trying to show you an easier way to do something, or offering you a better tool.
Common Chimpanzee - Pan troglodytes - The Animal Encyclopedia
Common chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) are a species of ape that inhabit the savannas and forests of Central and West Africa. Common chimpanzees and their ...
Jane Goodall Biography - Chimpanzee Researcher
Jane Goodall has spent over five decades studying chimpanzees at the Gombe Stream Reserve in what is now Tanzania. She has made several important ...
Bush Chimp Pictures - Funny Pictures of Bush and Chimps
View a series of funny pictures showing a comparison of George W. Bush to chimps.
The Making of Chimpanzee - Dangers in the Rainforest
The Making of Chimpanzee - Dangers in the Rainforest. What were the biggest dangers filmmakers faced in the heart of the Taļ Forest?
George W. Bush and Chimp Look-Alikes - Funny Pictures
A funny series of pictures of President Bush juxtaposed to pictures of chimps.
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