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Kristen Bell in Big Miracle


Kristen Bell
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Kristen Bell plays Los Angeles-based TV reporter Jill Jerard in the movie Big Miracle. Jill is fighting hard to break through the glass ceiling and make it in a man's world, and she takes the story of three trapped whales and treks up to Alaska to cover their rescue when no one else would. But once the story gets hot, Jill finds herself fighting to keep it.

At times, it seems like Jill has put her career before everything else. But actress Kristen Bell, though much more grounded than her character, says she can relate. In a round table interview she told us:

I feel like she's not the villain. She's not the heroine of the piece for sure, but everyone can identify with moments where you have extreme selfishness. It's not even, let's say, an evil that has infiltrated you. It's just a lack of situational awareness or a lack of the world around you, or an extreme determination.
And having been in this business for 10 years, I feel like I can identify with wanting something so bad that you can't see straight. And I think I empathized with Jill [her character], being a female reporter in the 1980s, in knowing that there were so few positions for her, and wanting it so bad, feeling so capable, and really wanting this story to break her. She got confused.

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