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Brave (2012)- Movie Photos & Characters


Set in the remote and mystical Scottish Highlands, the animated Disney/Pixar movie Brave features the first Pixar female lead character. The film follows the story of Merida, a determined young girl who takes fate into her own hands. Click on the images below to see a larger picture and info about the film and characters.
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MeridaMerida Practices ArcheryBrave - King and QueenKing and QueenBrave Movie PhotoThe LordsMerida from BraveMerida from 'Brave'
Merida following a WispMerida following a WispMerida & BeastMerida & BeastBrave Bear CubsBrave Bear CubsBraveBrave Bears
Merida & King Fergus SwashbucklingMerida & King Fergus SwashbucklingMerida, a Bear, and a WispMerida, a Bear, and a WispThe TripletsHarris, Hubert and HamishBrave - Movie PosterBrave - Movie Poster

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