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Bubble Guppies - TV Show Review for Parents

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Bubble Guppies and Mr. Grouper
Photo courtesy Nickelodeon

Bottom line: Bubble Guppies uses colorful characters, preschool-style pop music, and a variety format to delight preschoolers with a show that is both educational and highly entertaining.
TV Rating: TV-Y
Genre: Childrens/educational/preschool
Guide age recommendation: 2+
Episode lenght: Approx. 25 minutes
Network: Nickelodeon

Bubble Guppies - Overview

Preschoolers are in for an underwater adventure and a swimmingly good time with every unique episode of Bubble Guppies. The Bubble Guppies -- Molly, Deema, Gil, Oona, Nonny, and Goby -- are mermaid-like creatures with colorful tails. The show follows the Guppies and their everyday explorations as they have fun learning about life and the world around them.

Each episode begins with the Bubble Guppies on their way to preschool, when they see or find something interesting. As they arrive at preschool, the friends continue to explore the subject with their teacher, Mr. Grouper, who encourages the kids and guides them to different ways of learning about and having fun with the subject. The show is presented in a variety show format, so viewing kids interactively watch as the Guppies learn, play, sing and dance. By the end of the show, the Bubble Guppies are ready to put what they've learned to practical use.

The Bubble Guppies characters are each unique with their own personalities, and their own ways of going about things. Viewing children can identify with the Guppies and their curiosity about all of the new things they see and experience. The show is also injected with a fun dose of humor that is right on preschoolers' level and will have them laughing out loud as they watch and learn.

Bubble GuppiesPhoto courtesy Nickelodeon

Bubble Guppies - Guide Review for Parents

The Bubble Guppies are brought to us by the same creative team behind The Backyardigans, so we (my daughters and I) were expecting pure greatness from their new series, and we have not been disappointed. In fact, I have never seen my kids fall so deeply and so instantly in love with a show. From the first episode they watched, they have been learning the Bubble Guppies' names and singing the songs.

The Bubble Guppies themselves engage kids on many levels; they are adorable inside and out, from their colorful hair and tails to the unique character traits they each possess. Also, kids have always loved the idea of mermaids, and while the Guppies aren't merpeople, they look like them, and they have that magic ability to live under water.

The Bubble Guppies episodes are presented in a variety show style with elements that include activities, music and humor. But, each segment follows a cohesive storyline and relates to the very strong theme of the episode, so the format really works in this series to give kids both variety and structure. In the musical segments, the Bubble Guppies rock out to adorable pop songs that relate to the theme of the episode. Other segments show the Guppies trying out new things, going on adventures or doing other activities that relate to what they are learning. Also, the Guppies make good use of their adorable sense of humor, making kids (and even parents) laugh out loud as they learn. Any show that can teach kids, enchant them, and make them laugh out loud is sure to make a big splash.

Bubble Guppies - More Learning and Fun

  • As with other shows for preschoolers from Nickelodeon, Bubble Guppies has excellent online resources for kids and parents. Go to the Bubble Guppies website to play games, find activities, and get fun printables related to the show.
  • The Bubble Guppies format makes the show an easy springboard to continue helping your child learn. On the show, the Guppies explore different subjects by learning about them, playing make believe, and putting things into practical use. If your child shows interest in a subject, you can go online and find other songs, stories, kids' websites and resources to help him learn more. Here are some great resources to find activities and ideas for kids relating to a variety of topics:

Bubble Guppies - Fun Facts

Bubble GuppiesPhoto courtesy Nickelodeon
As part of my research for reviewing Bubble Guppies, I had a great time chatting with Jonny Belt and Robert Scull, executive producers and creators of the show. Here are some fun things I learned about the Bubble Guppies:
  • The idea for the Bubble Guppies show was inspired by the Backyardigans episode "Viking Voyage," in which Tasha is a mermaid.

  • The curriculum for Bubble Guppies was heavily researched, and the producers tested out the show on hundreds of kids at different schools.

  • According to Robert Scull, one of the most important qualities of a show for preschoolers is that it is "joyful." Other important elements are that it is silly, fun, and full of heart.

  • Robert and Johnny set out to make a show that is like a children's vitamin -- good for them, but yummy and fun at the same time!

  • Nonny is a unique preschool character, because he is not happy and smiling all the time. He approaches things a little more cautiously, as many preschoolers do, and his personality combined with the unique personalities of the other Bubble Guppies make the characters real, relatable, and memorable for children.

  • The Bubble Guppies' teacher, Mr. Grouper, doesn't always have all the answers. He demonstrates that it's okay to not know everything, and he encourages the Guppies, and viewing children, to figure things out together.

  • What about merchandise for the show? Hopefully that will come soon. But up until now, the focus has been on creating the show and premiering it on Nickelodeon. In the mean time, there are some great Bubble Guppies resources on the Nickelodeon website.
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Bubble Guppies is a cartoon!, Member closetiguana

What’s with these people complaining about realism in the show? Do they watch Disney with their arms crossed shaking their heads while saying “yeah right, a talking mouse driving a car”.

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