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Bubble Guppies - Photos and Characters


Preschoolers are in for an underwater adventure and a swimmingly good time with every unique episode of Bubble Guppies. The Bubble Guppies -- Molly, Deema, Gil, Oona, Nonny, and Goby -- are mermaid-like creatures with colorful tails. The show follows the Guppies and their every day explorations as they have fun learning about life and the world around them. Click on the images below to find out more about the Bubble Guppies and their unique personalities.
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Bubble Guppies and Mr. GrouperMr. Grouper and the Bubble GuppiesBubble GuppiesBubble GuppiesBubble GuppiesBubble Guppies Say "Aaahhhh!"Bubble Guppies ClambulanceBubble Guppies: "Call a Clambulance"
Bubble GuppiesBubble Guppies: At the HospitalMolly from the Bubble GuppiesMolly from Bubble GuppiesGil from Bubble GuppiesGil from Bubble GuppiesOona from Bubble GuppiesOona from Bubble Guppies
DeemaDeema from the Bubble GuppiesNonnyNonny from Bubble GuppiesBubble GuppiesGoby from the Bubble GuppiesBubble PuppyBubble Puppy
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