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Lightning McQueen
Photo © Disney/Pixar
Owen Wilson voices the beloved red race car Lightning McQueen in Disney/Pixar's Cars 2. Lightning learned a few lessons in the first Cars movie, and he's grown up a little bit. He can still be baited, though, and in Cars 2 he is goaded into joining the World Grand Prix by the arrogant Italian race car Francesco Bernoulli (voice of John Turturro). Lightning reluctantly invites Mater to join him on the big trip, but when the two get into an argument, Mater leaves the race track and has a little adventure of his own.

Lightning has become an iconic character beloved by kids everywhere, and in Cars 2, he shines once again as the exciting racer who tells himself "I am speed." As well as continuing to learn that racing isn't everything, Lightning delivers some great comedic lines in the movie. So what was Owen Wilson's favorite scene to record? He told us in a round table interview that he loves the back and forth scene between Lightning and Mater where Lightning keeps telling Mater, "You're the bomb!" (You'll know the scene when you see the movie, it can't be missed.)

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