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Dino Time (2012) - Movie Trailers, Clips, and Info


Dino Time
Photo © Clarius Entertainment

Dino Time Movie Trailer

MPAA Rating: PG, for some scary action and mild rude humor
Genre: Animated/Adventure
Runtime: 85 minutes
Starring: Melanie Griffith, Rob Schneider, Jane Lynch, Stephen Baldwin and William Baldwin
Studio: Clarius Entertainment
Directors: John Kafka, Choi Yoon-suk
Release Date: TBD 2013

Dino Time - Official Synopsis

When a daredevil kid named Ernie, his sister Julia, and his best friend Max are horsing around in Max’s inventor father’s workshop, they accidentally trip a time-machine into operation and find themselves transported back in time 65 million years, where they meet a T-Rex named Tyra (Melanie Griffith) and her rambunctious dinosaur son Dodger (Rob Schneider). The unlikely group find themselves on an amazing adventure exploring the lush prehistoric jungle, despite Tyra's evil dinosaur rivals (William Baldwin and Stephen Baldwin) conspiring against them - while, back in the present day, Max's dad and Ernie and Julia's overprotective mom (Jane Lynch) plot their rescue.

Dino Time - Fun for Families

This animated prehistoric adventure delivers a message about personal responsibility and the unconditional love of family through the story of Ernie and his exciting trip back in time. Dinosaur movies are fun for kids, and they are also educational to varying degrees. Here are some fun activities for your little dino lover. You can use the activities to get kids excited about the movie, or after the movie to expand on the dino theme:

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