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Doc McStuffins - TV Show Review

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Doc McStuffins
Photo © Disney
TV Rating: TV-Y
Genre: Children's educational/Animated
Guide age recommendation: Preschoolers
Episode length: Two 11-minute stories
Network: Disney/Disney Jr.

Doc McStuffins - Overview

Meet Doc McStuffins, a six-year-old girl who heals injured or damaged stuffed animals in her backyard playhouse clinic. Thanks to her magic stethoscope, Doc can talk to stuffed animals, so she can ask the right questions to figure out the problem, and she can reassure her patients that everything will be okay.

Doc's trusty medical assistants are her loyal stuffed animal friends: Stuffy the dragon; cuddly Lambie; Hippo nurse Hallie; Squeakers the fish; and Chilly, a snowman. When a toy has a medical problem, such as a broken part or a tear, Doc and her assistants diagnose the toy and figure out how to fix it. They then write down the silly name for the diagnosis in the Big Book of Boo Boos.

With her nurturing personality and love for fixing things, Doc helps toys and kids around the neighborhood, including her little brother Donny. Doc's mom is a doctor, so she can help Doc with diagnoses when needed, and her father is a chef.

The show features both new and familiar songs in each episode, and gives viewing children a warm and happy viewing experience. Doc's helpful nature and patient attitude sets a great example for children, and the show helps them feel more comfortable about doctor visits and medical issues. Kids also learn a little about problem solving and simple medical terms.

Doc McStuffins at WorkPhoto © Disney

Doc McStuffins - Guide Review for Parents

Set in a girly pink and purple world, Doc McStuffins is a very sweet show that progresses at a gentle pace. But while the look of the show may be in the style of a pretty princess, Doc's passions are playing doctor and fixing things. And, the mom in the show is a real doctor, so girls see two examples of female role models who are accomplishing things and using their brains and talents in ways that help others.

Through helping the toys on the show, Doc and her friends help viewing kids get used to simple medical terms and become familiar and comfortable with the idea of going to the doctor. The catchy tunes in the show grab kids' attention while also sending simple messages about things like washing hands, getting a check-up and helping people feel better.

When we first watched the show, I wondered how many scenarios of broken toys the writers could possibly come up with before the show started to feel like watching the same thing over and over again. But so far, each episode involves unique toys like telescopes and jack-in-the-boxes, each with unique problems that make every episode different and interesting. Preschoolers, especially little girls, will be delighted by the show and the very comforting tone of the characters and stories.

Doc McStuffins DVDPhoto © Disney

Doc McStuffins - On DVD!

  • Doc McStuffins: Friendship Is the Best Medicine: The first DVD to feature Doc and her friends, Friendship Is the Best Medicine contains five full length episodes, each consisting of two 11-minute stories.
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