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Winter the Dolphin
Photo © Alcon Entertainment/Warner Bros.
The inspiring dolphin named Winter plays herself in the inspiring family film Dolphin Tale. The story follows Winter, a dolphin who lost her tail, but with the help of a caring group of doctors and trainers at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) in Florida, Winter is able to overcome her challenge and become a symbol of hope and courage for many. In the movie, a boy named Sawyer is the one to help Winter when he finds her tangled in a net on the beach. Sawyer forms a strong bond with Winter, and she helps him as much as he helps her.

Dolphin Tale is inspired by the true story of Winter, but the movie doesn't follow her story exactly. You can go to CMA's website, seewinter.com to read all about the real Winter and the people who saved her life and helped her accomplish what some thought would be impossible. In fact, the site has a live webcam so that you can even see the real Winter swimming around right now!

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