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Frankenweenie Character Gallery


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Victor from Frankenweenie
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Victor Frankenstein (voice of Charlie Tahan) figures out a scientific way to bring his late dog Sparky back to life in the Tim Burton movie Frankenweenie. Victor has a sharp mind, and he absolutly loves science. His new teacher Mr. Rzykruski inspires Victor to take science to a whole new level, but his eccentric teacher also warns Victor that science can be used for good or bad.

Victor's character is named after and inspired by the scientist Victor Frankenstein, who is the main character in the famous Frankenstein novel and classic Frankenstein film about a scientist who creates and gives life to a monster. Frankenweenie draws from the original Frankenstein story, and the black and white movie pays homage to many other classic horror films through character names, music and events in the movie.

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