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Frankenweenie - Fun Family Activities


With it's classic horror film theme and a story centered on scientific possibility, Frankenweenie presents a fantastic opportunity for family fun. These science projects, crafts and activities would be great for a Frankenweenie pre/post movie party, a Halloween party, or just to entertain the kids on a fall afternoon.

1. Frankenweenie Inspired Science Projects

Frankenweenie - Victor
Photo © Disney
In the movie, young Victor uses his scientific knowledge to bring his dog Sparky back to life. While we wouldn't want the kids trying to reanimate a dead animal, the movie celebrates the possibilities of science. In fact, if you remember from science class, the idea of reanimating life stems from the bioelectrical experiments of Italian physician Luigi Galvani. Kids may be fascinated to learn about Galvani and the vital role that electricity plays living beings.

And courtesy of Disney, here are a couple of fun and safe science experiments you can try with your kids:

2. Frankenweenie Food

Pizza Mummies
Photo © Disney
At the after party for the L.A. premiere of Frankenweenie, stars, filmmakers and fans celebrated with hot dogs and franks. Have hot dogs in a blanket for dinner, or franks on pretzel rolls to get ready for seeing the movie. You can also get creative with Halloween themed snacks and treats. And, here are a couple more recipes from Disney:

3. Frankenweenie Games & Activities

Frankenweenie Memory Game
Photo © Disney
Here are a few Frankenweenie themed printable games and activities. I love the memory game, which features characters from the movie. Cut out the cards and laminate them at a local office supply store so they will last longer. You can also laminate the other activities and use dry erase markers to write on them. That way, kids can play them over and over again. Print out several copies and laminate them to use for party games or party favors.
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