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Oz the Great and Powerful Characters


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When Oscar Diggs, "Oz," comes to the land of Oz, he finds it is being ruled over by the conniving Evanora (Rachel Weisz). Evanora obviously relishes the power she has obtained, and she has successfully duped the people of Oz, and even her own sister Theodora, into believing she is good and wise. She uses the people of Oz and her own sister, and she just loves to scream orders at her band of flying monkeys.

Screenwriter Mitchell Kapner chose the name Evanora because the first two syllables sound like ‘evil’ and the name seemed to go well with Theodora, her sister. Evanora's look reflects the art deco inspired Emerald City she loves so much. Her gown is long and glittery with feathers and a cape -- it's beautiful and regal, while at the same time hard and cold.

After the world premiere of Oz the Great and Powerful in L.A., we sat down with Rachel Weisz, and she talked about how the costume was part of who Evanora is, saying, "When I put that costume on, I became that character. I couldn't have played her without that corset, and sequins, and feathers, and lashes, and lips...Yeah, the costume was a huge, huge part of the character, and it was very fun to be so nasty." Since her role required a lot of make believe and not a lot of research--"There were no witches to interview," she quipped--her costume helped her get into character and really bring this fairytale figure to life.

So, just how nasty is Evanora? Well, according to Weisz, she's "Disney bad." As a character in a movie that is made for kids and families, Rachel described, "I think fairytales traditionally have really evil characters. Like, all the Grimm’s fairytales, have got bad people in them, so I think kids are used to evil characters. And I think she’s dark, but she’s having a lot of fun being bad. So, I think it’s like, Disney bad. I don’t think it’s really, really bad."

Evanora's bad girl ways are a means to an end. She wants power. She will do anything to get it, and she is highly manipulative and smart enough to use other people as her pawns to get what she wants. For the better part of the movie, Evanora can be seen in her throne room. "I was really not on that many sets," Rachel revealed, "I was in the throne room, and my character really loves the throne a lot...'cause she wants that throne by herself. She wants to sit in it."

Being evil wasn't the only thing Rachel loved about playing Evanora, though. She told us, "Just pure fun without being evil was flying. Flying is really fun -- a little scary and quite exciting, like having a really good roller coaster ride."

Evanora is a powerful witch, and flying is only one of her many talents. So far, she has effectively used those talents and her particular brand of sort of ruthless people skills to put herself on the throne. The question is, now that the Wizard has come, can she remain there?

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