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Jesse Eisenberg Voices Blu in RIO


Jesse Eisenberg Voices Blu
Photo Credit: Jamie Midgley/Blue Sky Studios
Jesse Eisenberg voices Blu in the movie Rio. Blu is a pet blue macaw living in Minnesota with his adoring owner Linda (voice of Leslie Mann). Blu is a brainy sort of bird, and a homebody, just like his owner. But his life turns upside down one day, when a scientist named Tulio from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil comes to their happy home in Minnesota and explains that Blu is the last male blu macaw.

Tulio convinces Linda to take a trip to Rio, so Blu can meet Jewel, the last female bird of his kind. But, unfortunately for blu, Jewel isn't exactly thrilled to meet him, and then the both of them end up in the hands of dangerous smugglers. The trip turns out to be quite an adventure for both Blu and Linda.

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