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Sheriff Callie's Wild West - Characters & Photos


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Sheriff Callie
Photo © Disney

Meet the good sheriff Callie (voice of Mandy Moore) and her trusty horse Sparky from the Disney Channel series for preschoolers Sheriff Callie's Wild West.

Sheriff Callie's Wild West features colorful animation, folksy characters, Western style music and more in a show designed to entertain preschoolers while conveying positive lessons about good manners and social ethics.

Sheriff Callie watches over the town of Nice and Friendly Corners where she resides. She spends her days helping out the townsfolk. Aiding her in her benevolent endeavors are her trusty noodle lasso, which can take on all kinds of shapes to perform any task, and her trusty horse Sparky. Sheriff Callie is usually the hero of the day, but she's not afraid to ask for help if she needs it.


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