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Sheriff Callie's Wild West - Characters & Photos


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Sheriff Callie's Wild West - Characters
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Saddle up partners! This photo features the folksy cast of characters from Disney Channel's show for preschoolers Sheriff Callie's Wild West. These adorable characters make the show fun for preschoolers, and parents will appreciate the clever homage to the Old West.


  • Doc Quakers (voice of Jeff Bennett) is the town doctor.
  • The posh Priscilla Skunk  (voice of Cree Summer) loves being the center of attention.
  • Deputy Peck (voice of Lucas Grabeel) is Sheriff Callie's right hand woodpecker.
  • Sheriff Callie (voice of Mandy Moore) is a calico cat who watches over the town of Nice and Friendly Corners and is always ready to give folks a helping hand.
  • Uncle Bun (voice of Kevin Michael Richardson) is the jack rabbit who runs the general store.


  • What is a Western town without a saloon? Ella Cowbelle (voice of Mo Collins) is proprietress of Ella's Milkshake Saloon. Yummy!
  • Mr. Dillo (voice of Jeff Bennett)
  • Toby the cactus (voice of Jessica DiCicco)
  • Tio Totruga (voice of Carlos Alazraqui) entertains the townsfolk with his stories. He, of course, is the oldest resident in the town.
  • Mama Bun


  • Clementine
  • Banker Badger
  • Farmer Stinky (voice of Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Dusty & Dirty Dan (voice of Gary Anthony Williams) are two sometimes troublesome javelina miners.
  • Sparky is Callie's trusty steed.


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