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The LEGO Movie - Photos & Characters


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The LEGO Movie - Emmet
The LEGO Movie - Emmit
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The world's most famous building blocks hit the big screen in The LEGO Movie. The movie features a bunch of different minifigures. For those who aren't familiar with LEGOs, minifigures are the little people or characters you can buy or that come with LEGO sets. The interesting thing about minifigures, is if you buy them outside of a set they come in mystery bags. You don't know exactly which minifigure you are going to get, but you can buy them from a particular series so you know which figures you might possibly get from that series.

Emmet (voice of Chris Pratt) is a minifigure (and yes, LEGO has of course developed a line of toys based on the movie, including the minifigures and a bunch of different LEGO sets). In the movie, Emmet is just a regular guy who struggles to fit in, but he's mistaken for "The Special," a prophesied extraordinary person who is the key to saving the world.

Emmet is drafted into the cause of defeating the evil tyrant Lord Business, and his fellow fighters (many of whom are Master Builder super heroes) are convinced that Emmet will lead them to victory. However, Emmet unfortunately has absolutely no idea what to do. He just kind of rolls with it at first, but soon he realizes that he's in way over his head.

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  • If you want some of the specific minifigures, this website provides the bump codes to look for to get the figures you want. But, some LEGO fans say it's easier just to look carefully at the character you want and try to feel through the mystery bag for the correct shape. Some of the popular minifigures from the movie are Bill Shakespeare and Guy with No Pants.


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