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Explore Hero's Duty from Wreck-It Ralph


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Explore Hero's Duty from Wreck-It Ralph
Hero's Duty
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When the disgruntled Wreck-It Ralph leaves his home game, Fix It Felix, Jr., on a hero's quest, he ends up at the modern day first person shooter game of Hero's Duty.

You'd think going from his super simplified 8-bit home game to a modern day 3D high action adventure might throw a guy for a loop, but Ralph pretty much takes it in stride. The drastic switch wasn't so easy for animators, though. They had to go very simple animation wise for Fix It Felix, and they had to be very creative with making a world come alive in a believable yet old-school and simplified way. But when they worked on Hero's Duty, director Rich Moore describes the type of instruction he gave animators:

And then when we get to Hero’s Duty, now go very realistic, super realistic. You know, from the character designs to the animation, to the design of the world. And the amount of detail to it, the camera work. Now really kind of kinda pump that up. And take it as far as we can there.

So Hero's Duty is not a real game, but it's very believable and reminded me of Halo or any of those first person shooter games you see now days that are loaded with action and very realistic. I love that the enemies in Hero's Duty are Cy-Bugs, because you get all of the game action, but the violence isn't against other people or even alien creatures -- just bad bugs.

Aside from the realistic action, another thing we get from Hero's Duty is a new main character who really kicks the movie up a notch...

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