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Focus on Fix-It Felix Jr. - The Main Game from Wreck-It Ralph


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The Inspiration Behind Wreck-It Ralph and Fix It Felix, Jr.
Wreck-It Ralph
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The animated Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph celebrates the history of video games through the introspective journey of Ralph, a video game bad guy who's, well, sick of being the bad guy. Ralph wants to be hero for once, and that's something we can all identify with. Who wants to be the bad guy all the time?

The idea for the premise behind the movie came from director Rich Moore. In an interview at Disney Animation Studios, he told us how the idea developed:

I like video games, and it seemed like it’d be fun [to make a movie about video games]. The audience would really like to visit something like that, and I could see the potential for spectacle, and comedy, and drama. And so it seemed like a great idea. So without kind of going to the material that had been developed before, I just started from square one. Okay, just the world of video games and their characters and what their lives are like.
...After about two days I thought, well, this is the worst idea ever [laughs], because they have one job that they do, day in and day out. There’s no free will. They're programmed to do things. This would make a horrible movie... And then it hit me -- well, it would be great if you had a main character who didn’t like his job. You know, and was wondering, is this all there is to life, this one thing that I do? And what if he was uncomfortable in his own skin, doing that job?
And then it felt like, oh, well that’s juicy. That's really great. So, it really simply began with just those two things: a big, overarching world or universe of video games, and a very personal conflict, an internal conflict, between the character and that world.

So, the first step in getting the movie off the ground was to come up with that main character and imagine the world where this character would work and reside. Through that process, Wreck-It Ralph and the brand new, yet old-school, 8-bit game Fix It Felix Jr. were born. Not only did filmmakers create the new game just for the movie, but they also had the game developed, so people can actually play the game and really immerse themselves in the world and the movie. Click to the next slide to see an overview of the Fix It Felix, Jr. game.

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