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Focus on Fix-It Felix Jr. - The Main Game from Wreck-It Ralph


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Fix It Felix, Jr. - The Game
Fix It Felix Jr.
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In the movie, Fix It Felix, Jr. is celebrating it's 30th anniversary. Of course, the game was invented just for the Wreck-It Ralph movie, but the 8-bit style masterpiece reminds us of plenty of games we played back in the day. Here's the game play as described by the Disney game sell sheet:
Help Felix scale the building, repairing the windows that Ralph destroys. The Nicelanders in the apartment high-rise leave pies to cool, and Felix grabs them as he ascends the giant building for extra points, power ups and medals. Get to the top to advance to the next level and watch the Nicelanders throw Ralph off the roof.
You can try playing Fix It Felix, Jr. on the Disney website. Disney also had a few large size Fix-It Felix, Jr. games made for people to try out arcade style. We saw some of those at the Disney Animation Studios, and there may be some for fans to play at Disneyland and even at select theaters.

Creating Fix It Felix, Jr. allowed filmmakers to accomplish one of their goals for the movie: celebrating the history of video games. Director Rich Moore told us:

I think video games have been around long enough now that they have history to them. You know, you can look at games from the beginning, like Pong, and you can put it next to Halo or the most modern game today, if you want to wonder how far we’ve come. So, I wanted to celebrate that difference between them. And, so we kinda chose different genres of games that would illustrate that history of games.

The three main game worlds Ralph visits represent a fun range of video game past and present. Along with the old style Felix game, the movie transports viewers to the high tech and modern style Hero's Duty, and then to a whimsical racing game called Sugar Rush. Game characters travel to other games via Game Central Station.

It's one thing to create a game to base the movie on and develop it into a workable video game for people to play, but giving that game and it's characters dimension and turning it into an actual livable world is a whole other challenge. So, who are the characters in Fix It Felix, Jr., and what do they do when they aren't "working"?...

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