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Wreck-It Ralph: Game Central Station & Bad-Anon


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Game Central Station
Wreck-It Ralph Movie Photo
Photo © Disney
In the Disney animated movie Wreck-It Ralph, characters from different games in the arcade can travel through the power cord to Game Central Station, which is essentially located inside the power strip. Here, they can head off to visit other games or meet together.

Pictured above, Ralph is in Game Central Station when he meets Q*Bert. Sadly, Q*Bert's game has been unplugged, so he and his friends are stuck in Game Central Station with nowhere to go. Other game characters you might recognize in Game Central Station include Sonic The Hedgehog and Ryu and Ken from the Street Fighter franchise.

It was important for filmmakers to incorporate characters from real games into the movie to give it authenticity and really celebrate video game history. The sense of nostalgia we get when we see these familiar faces adds to the fun of the movie. Getting permission to use the characters wasn't as difficult as it might seem. Producer Clark Spencer told us:

I always wondered, and we always wondered, what will we be able to get? And I think we always said, well, if we can get a few characters, that’ll really help ground it. But amazingly, when we went out to the companies and they heard the idea for the film, they were very excited about it.
And I think we had this moment when we both went to E3, the big gaming convention here in Los Angeles, this is two years ago, and Rich pitched the movie to the companies. Talked about where the characters might sit in the film. And they got really excited very quickly. And then it was a process over the course of many months, where we were talking with the companies, and the legal teams were all meeting with each other to talk about what can and can’t get done. Not simply, but surprisingly, it went a lot smoother than you might ever expect.
Director Rich Moore then joked that the lawyers may not agree with that assessment. They put a lot of hours into hashing out the details, but it's well worth it when you see the old characters in the game, and it makes you want to go home and play the games with the kids.

In the next slide, find out about the bad guy characters who travel through Game Central Station to attend the Bad-Anon meeting with Ralph...

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