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Wreck-It Ralph: Get Your Sugar Rush


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Wreck-It Ralph: Get Your Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush - The Game
Photo © Disney
In the animated Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph, our main character Ralph travels to other video games on a journey to become a hero. Starting out in his home game Fix It Felix, Jr., Ralph has become disgruntled with his life. After 30 years of being a bad guy, Ralph wants to know what it feels like to be the hero.

Ralph leaves his game, which he can do by traveling through the power cord to Game Central Station. His first stop is a modern day first person shooter game called Hero's Duty, which seems like a likely place to earn his hero's welcome. After that, Ralph ends up in the world pictured here: Sugar Rush.

This candy coated racing game features sweet little characters racing around the track in candy race cars. Ralph finds himself stuck in this sticky world, and he meets some unique new characters. But this isn't the kind of candy land you might imagine. Filmmakers drew inspiration from the unique styles of two different countries to create a candy world like no other...

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