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Santa Buddies (2009) - DVD/Blu-ray Review

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Santa Buddies
Photo © Disney

Bottom line: Santa Buddies follows the five famous pups on a festive adventure full of holiday magic. Like most Buddies movies, this one is really cheesy and has no basis in reality, but children LOVE these pups with personality, and Santa Buddies is a fun little flick to watch as a family.

MPAA Rating: G
Genre: Childrens/Adventure
Guide Age Recommendation: 3+
Runtime: Approx. 88 minutes

Santa Buddies - Overview

Most people, and pups, don't know it, but things at the North Pole are a little bit dicey this year. Children and adults all around the world are losing their belief in the magic of Christmas, and the magical icicle that powers Santa's operation is beginning to melt. If things don't change, Santa and the elves will not be able to carry out the Christmas traditions much longer.

To make matters worse, Puppy Paws, the son of Santa's right-hand dog Santa Paws, ditches the effort to see what life is like for ordinary pups. Luckily, though, his journey leads him to the Buddies. Budderball, B-Dawg, Rosebud, Buddha, and Mudbud befriend the polar pup despite his crazy getup and the trouble that seems to follow wherever he goes, and together, the Buddies and their new friend discover what the Christmas spirit is really about. In fact, the pups might just find enough good cheer to save Christmas.

Santa BuddiesPhoto © Disney

Santa Buddies - Guide Review

Children love the Buddies. Why? Because they are adorable puppies, each with their own distinct personalities, who are constantly running into mischief on wild adventures that take them where no puppy has gone before and always end up with them saving the day. The movies are silly, but fun to watch as a family.

In Santa Buddies, the puppies meet Puppy Paws, who lives at the North Pole with Santa but has come to the Buddies to learn what life is like for regular dogs. Along with their new friend, the Buddies have new adventures that feature their defined personalities getting them into mischief. B-Dawg talks a little bit like a gangster, and Mudbud is on the naughty list for his inconsiderate eating habits, but other than that the puppies are well-behaved and even understanding about the trouble Puppy Paws causes.

Santa Buddies - Content Overview

In following the puppies and their antics, the movie tells a sweet story about a sort of scrooge who finds the meaning of Christmas and brings joy to a little boy's life. The movie contains a few moments of peril which may be frightening for very young children, and a couple of scenes that are a bit sad. Children may have questions about the little boy in the movie, as he is ill, but we don't really know what illness he has. Also, one scene in the movie shows some children praying, and the first child addresses Santa at the beginning of his prayer, so it makes it appear that all of the children shown are praying to Santa.

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