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Snow Buddies (2008) - DVD Review

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Snow Buddies
Photo © Disney. All Rights Reserved.
MPAA Rating: G
Genre: Childrens/Live-action/Animals/Adventure
Age range: 5-11 years
Runtime: Approx. 87 minutes
Studio: Walt Disney Home Entertainment

Snow Buddies - Overview

The adorable pups of the famous Air Bud are back. This time, these five pups with personality find themselves in an adventure really far from home - Ferntiuktuk, Alaska to be exact. Thanks to Budderball's big appetite for ice cream, the pups end up in this arctic location and must figure out a way to get back.

Not long after their unexpected arrival in Alaska, the pups meet Shasta, a husky pup, and his owner Adam. Adam is a young boy with a big dream - he wants to mush! He has some obstacles to overcome if he is going to make his dream come true, though. His parents think dog sledding is too dangerous, and he also lacks five dogs. But, when the Buddies find out that winning the big dog sled race could be their ticket home, RoseBud, B-Dawg, Buddha, MudBud and Budderball vow to team up with Adam and Shasta in a race to victory. The journey is dangerous, but with a lot of courage and a little help from a legendary old Husky named Talon, they just might have what it takes to make it.

Snow BuddiesPhoto © Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Snow Buddies - Guide Review for Parents

Who could make better characters for a kids' movie than five adorable, talking, personality-filled puppies teamed up with some beautiful Alaskan huskies? Snow Buddies continues the popular series about the Buddies and their precarious adventures, and where kids are concerned, the movie does not disappoint in terms of fun, adventure, and character. Excitement, mystery, and comedy come together, making Snow Buddies a movie that kids are likely to love, especially if they are dog lovers.

As a parent, on the other hand, I was disappointed in the storyline of the new Buddies movie. Of course, the Buddies adventures are always far-fetched and involve some amount of mischief as well as a lot of "pull my finger" jokes. Snow Buddies, however, takes the mischief a little bit too far. In summary, the movie is about a boy who defies his parents to enter an extremely dangerous dog sledding race, and all his father has to say to him in the end is, "I'm too proud to be mad."

True, it's just a movie. However, movies send messages, especially to kids. I wish the parents' "aha!" moment of realizing they should have let their son follow his heart would have come before he risked his life in the big race, and that they all would have worked together to win. As it stands, we had to have a family discussion after the movie was over about the choices Adam made, and where they might have led him in real life. Overall, Snow Buddies is a cute movie, but Disney should have given kids a more valuable lesson out of the story.

Snow Buddies - DVD Bonus Features

  • Bloopers
  • Music Videos: Performed by Mitchel Musso of Hannah Montana
  • Dogumentary
  • Buddy Bites: Behind the scenes commentary with the Buddies
  • The Magic of Visual Effects
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