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Space Buddies (2009) - DVD Review for Parents

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Space Buddies
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MPAA Rating: G
Genre: Childrens/Family
Age range: 3 years+
Runtime: 84 minutes
Studio: Walt Disney Studios

Space Buddies – Summary

The Buddies must have gotten their incredible sense of adventure from their dad, Air Bud. The five pups have survived being kidnapped and pulled a dog sled in Alaska. In this new adventure, Buddha, Rosebud, B-dawg, Budderball, and Mudbud blast off into outer space!

When the Buddies follow their owners on a school field trip to the space center, the dogs embark on a bigger journey than they had planned. The puppies climb on board a new rocket plane, but as they’re playing astronaut, the ship blasts off. The Buddies are launched into space – on a ship destined for the moon!

A minor complication leads the pups to land on an old Russian space station where, unbelievably, a man named Yuri and his dog , Spudnick, have been living for years. Yuri desires to stay on the station alone in space forever, but his dog is homesick. Can the Buddies help their new friend and somehow make it back home themselves, or will they become trapped in space forever?

Space BuddiesPhoto © WDSHE. All rights reserved

Space Buddies – Guide Review for Parents

The Buddies are on another highly unrealistic yet exciting adventure in Space Buddies. Kids will adore the puppies and the way that their individual personalities shine as they float in zero gravity and dodge asteroids. Adults may fall asleep, or roll their eyes at the ludicrousness of it all, but the film has a few funny parts and is great for family movie night with young kids. The puppies are what make these movies so fun for kids, and they do not disappoint in this new Buddies installment that is out of this world.

Content Overview: space Buddies is rated G. The puppies do encounter some perilous situations including an explosion and a dangerous asteroid field, but all humans and pups end up being OK. The bad guy in the movie, Dr. Finkle, makes several attempts to sabotage the mission for his own gain. He does several underhanded things and knowingly puts the pups in danger. Very young children may be temporarily worried about the puppies during the moments of peril, but the suspenseful scenes are brief.

The movie does not contain any profanity or bad language, but the puppies and other characters do use some words and phrases that kids may want to imitate. The word “dude” is used throughout the movie. Also, the pups use the phrase “take a wizzer (wizzo?)” for going to the bathroom. The puppies also “pull Budderball’s paw” to make him expel gas.

Space Buddies – Discuss the Movie

  • What does Spudnick mean when he says that it is the journey and the friends he made that matter the most?
  • How do the pups work together and support one another throughout the movie? Is that how most siblings treat each other?
    Space BuddiesPhoto © WDSHE. All rights reserved.

    Space Buddies – DVD & Blu-ray Features

    DVD features:

    • Buddy Bloopers
    • "Dancing in the Moonlight" Music Video
    • with Alyson Stoner
    • Disneypedia: The Buddies' Guide to Space Travel: In this feature, the puppies tell kids a bit about the making of the movie, but they also relate real facts about the space program, so it is fun and informative.
    • Buddy Facts

    Blu-ray Exclusive features:

    The Blu-ray disc (Compare Prices) contains one additional bonus feature and BD Live network capability:

    • Buddy Finder: Viewers go on a scavenger hunt with their favorite Buddy and identify and locate 100 items within the movie. The pictures pop up during the movie, four at a time, and you have to use the remote to select one when you see it in the movie. The pictures pop up right before the correct one appears in the movie, so it isn't too challenging, but young kids will think the game is fun.
    • BD Live:
      • Movie Chat: Chat with remote friends on-screen while watching the movie in a synchronized viewing party. You can chat using a remote control or any text enabled device such as a laptop, desk top, PDA device, and some cell phones.
      • Movie Mail: You can record a personalized video message of yourself, superimpose that capture onto one of many pre-selected clips of the movie, and send it off to a friend.
      • Movie Challenge: – Test your skills against other players in an online trivia game while watching Space Buddies with anyone online.
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