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Springtime DVDs for Kids


Ready to let winter go and celebrate spring? Here are some DVDs for kids that feature spring-themed movies and shows. Help kids learn about what springtime means and how the world changes during this wonderful season. These DVDs are particularly helpful if your little one is learning about spring at home or at preschool, but they are fun to watch anytime.

1. Curious George Swings into Spring

Curious George Swings into Spring
Photo © Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Curious George has a springtime adventure in this feature-length movie for preschoolers. Like the TV series Curious George, the movie is both entertaining and educational for kids. Viewing kids learn all about springtime as George explores signs of spring like blooming buds, butterflies, birds, bunnies and more. This delightfully colorful and gently paced special just might give little ones a serious case of spring fever. (NR, recommended for ages 2+)

2. Springtime for Strawberry Shortcake

Springtime for Strawberry Shortcake
Photo © 20th Century Fox
It's the first day of spring, but Strawberry Shortcake has a problem: the wind is blowing, there's snow on the ground, and it's too cold to plant strawberries. Strawberry and her friends go in search of Spring to find out what the holdup is. When they find her, they have to convince Spring that her job is berry important. This show was one of my daughter's favorites when she was a preschooler, and to this day she still remembers some of the springtime songs and phrases from the movie. (Recommended for ages 2+)
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3. Scholastic Storybook Treasures: The Springtime Collection

Photo © New Line Video
Bunnies and chicks abound in this 3-disc, 13 story Scholastic collection. The three DVDs included in the collection are: Max's Chocolate Chicken...and more stories by Rosemary Wells, The Ren Hen...and more cooking stories, and Chicken Little...and more zany animal stories. Children will enjoy searching for Easter eggs with Max & Ruby, watching the silly Chicken Little running around worried that the sky is falling, and making bread with the Little Red Hen. Scholastic DVDs are great for young kids because they provide a good example of reading aloud with the narration and can be used along with the storybooks to encourage reading and early literacy skills.
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4. Max & Ruby: A Bunny for Every Season

Photo © Viacom
Featuring episodes of the Max & Ruby TV series for preschoolers, this 4-disc collection is a fabulous way to help kids learn about seasons and different times of the year. The springtime DVD features episodes about Easter and other springtime adventures. These adventures are different than those featured in the above Scholastic collection. The Scholastic shows are more like an actual reading of the storybook, while the Nickelodeon series has unique adventures and doesn't follow the books word for word.
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5. Elmo's Rainbow and Other Springtime Stories

Elmo's Rainbow
Photo © Sesame Workshop
Featuring a variety of Sesame Street Characters like Elmo, Cookie Monster and Abby Cadabby, this DVD helps kids celebrate spring. The DVD contains 3 stories including: "Elmo's Rainbow", "Baby Bear's Bee Adventure" and "Abby Changes the Seasons." Also included is the bonus clip "Cookie Bunny."
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6. Garfield Show: Spring Fun Collection

Photo © Vivendi Entertainment
The Garfield Spring Fun collection contains 6 spring-themed episodes of the Garfield Show. Based on the popular comic strip, the show follows the antics of the lasagna-loving Garfield and his doggie pal Odie. The DVD runs 72 minutes long.
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7. Berenstain Bears: Get Ready for Spring

Photo © Kaboom
Ever since I was a kid, I have loved the Berenstain Bears. Kids can relate to the stories, and they generally deliver fantastic messages and bring up topics that are great for parents to discuss with kids. This springtime Berenstain Bears DVD contains 55 minutes of animated adventures. The cubs decide to enter a kite flying contest in the main episode, and they learn that sometimes building something yourself can be better than buying it at a store.
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