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Frances: Bedtime for Frances - DVD Review

Includes 3 Animated Adventures Plus a Storybook


Bedtime for Frances
Photo © HIT Entertainment
MPAA Rating: NA
Genre: Children's animated
Age range: 3 - 6 years
Runtime: Approx. 46 minutes

Bedtime for Frances - DVD Overview

Based on the Frances stories by Russell Hoban, the Bedtime for Frances DVD contains the following three animated stories:

  • "A Whiny Sister for Frances": Frances is disappointed when her little sister Gloria gets sick and the family trip to Lizard Land is canceled. Who needs a little sister anyway? Well, Frances finds out that she does, and little sisters need their big sisters too!
  • "A Cupcake for Frances": When Frances eats her best friend Albert's cupcake and then blames it on the Cupcake Monster, she finds out that it isn't the food that has given her a tummy ache.
  • "Bedtime for Frances": Like any other child, Frances can think of 101 reasons to get out of her bed at night. Will she ever be able to fall asleep?

Bedtime for Frances - Guide Review

The thing that makes Frances stories great is that her experiences and her feelings about them are so typical of what real kids have to go through as they grow and learn. With three young children home, getting along with siblings, practicing self-discipline and conquering bedtime problems are big challenges that pervade my world, so Frances' experiences are very relatable, and her good example in overcoming them welcome.

When Frances has a problem, her internal conflict finally forces her to have some "me, myself time" in order to think things through. In looking at the situation calmly, she draws upon the knowledge she has of what is right and wrong, and she is able to resolve her situation. Kids will enjoy the stories and relate to her feelings, and they just might learn a little bit about coping with life's little frustrations as well.

HIT made a great decision in selling the DVD along with the full length storybook, Bedtime for Frances. Kids can read the story and compare it with the story on the DVD, which is a great learning opportunity. Parents can also use the story to help kids work through bedtime fears.

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