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'Another Cinderella Story' (2008) - DVD Movie Review

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Another Cinderella Story
Photo © Warner Bros. Entertainment
MPAA Rating: PG, for mild sensuality and language
Genre: Tween romance/Comedy/Drama
Age Range: 12-16 years
Runtime: Approx. 92 minutes
Studio: Warner Bros.

Another Cinderella Story - Summary

Ever since her mother died, Mary has been living with Dominique, a has-been singer, and her two catty daughters. The family treats Mary like a maid, and she doesn't get to indulge in much of their extravagant lifestyle. Her one secret love is dancing, so when she hears about a competition that will give the winner a chance to star in the famous and hot Joey Parker's next music video, Mary longs for the opportunity.

In preparation for the dance competition, Joey and his manager actually come to Mary's high school. Despite her evil "sisters'" attempts to keep her away from Joey, the two meet and develop a friendship. Mary has what it takes to make her dreams come true, but will Dominique and her unbearable daughters ruin her chance and cause her a broken heart instead?

Another Cinderella StoryPhoto © Warner Bros. Entertainment

Another Cinderella Story - Guide Review

The storyline and star power in this movie (starring Selena Gomez from Wizards of Waverly Place and Drew Seeley of High School Musical Live fame) will absolutely attract hopeless romantics ages 6-14. The Disney stars may grab the attention of younger kids, but this film is not a Disney movie. Parents may be surprised by the level of sensuality displayed by the characters in numerous scenes. The story follows the basic premise of Cinderella -- deserving girl living with wicked stepmother and jealous stepsisters gets her dream and her prince -- but it is definitely for an older age set than the animated picture.

Content overview:

Main characters Mary and Joey dance together at a costume ball, and the dancing is sexy and heated. In another scene, a girl trying to get Joey's attention rubs up against him while dancing with a very sexy look on her face. In a addition to the intimate dancing, Joey and Mary share a couple of somewhat tense romantic moments, including one scene in which they kiss passionately.

The movie contains some language, including the words "lame-ass," "damn," and "Oh my God." Also, some high school kids in the movie mock, look down on, and pull pranks on other kids.

Another Cinderella Story - Topics to Talk About

  • What is a "frenemy"?
  • How was jealousy at the root of most of the meanness in the movie? Why is jealousy such a negative emotion, and how can we control the feeling and turn negative thoughts about others into positive ones?
  • What did Joey see in Mary that the other girls were missing?
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