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Big Time Rush

Kendall Schmidt plays Kendall on 'Big Time Rush'

Kendall (Kendall Schmidt) Photo credit: Stewart Shining © Viacom International, Inc
Kendall (Kendall Schmidt): Kendall is cool kind of guy who is funny, spontaneous, and sometimes a little impulsive, but he is also very real. Kendall is a loyal friend and stays true to himself, but he still doesn't mind the idea of being rich and famous.

It's Kendall's talent and "fire" that win over Gustavo and get all the guys a chance at stardom, but he didn't even want it at first. His desire was to be a great hockey player, not some boy band wannabe. But, once the opportunity was right there, he finally admitted to himself and everyone that he really does love to sing. His soulful speech to the guys convinces them all to go for the "big time rush" and make their singing dream happen.

More About Big Time Rush:

Big Time Rush follows four friends from Minnesota who get the chance of a life time -- the opportunity to become big time stars as the newest, hottest boy band. When Kendall impresses record executive Gustavo Rocque, he convinces the hot-headed man to turn him and his friends James, Logan and Carlos into the next big thing. The four hockey-loving pals move to sunny L.A., but when they get there, they find that the road to fame and fortune is not quite as smooth as they thought.

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