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Bunnytown - TV Show Review

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TV Rating: TV-Y
Age group: Preschoolers
Show length: Half hour episodes, variety style
Network: Disney Channel

Bunnytown - Overview

Bunnytown airs on Playhouse Disney and is a colorful puppet and live-action series for preschoolers. The humorous variety show centers around a town full of vibrantly colored bunnies with big blue noses who love silliness and fun. The bunnies also enjoy hopping through underground tunnels and popping up to spy on the wacky people who inhabit nearby Peopletown. Above all, though, the bunnies love music, and they sing and dance their way through every educational episode, introducing kids to all kind of music from rock to jazz to opera and more.

Bunnytown - Episode Structure

Each episode of Bunnytown is comprised of several segments including skits, stories, adventures and musical performances. The segments feature the puppet bunnies of Bunnytown as they go about their musical day, and the live-action segments occur when the bunnies pop up to spy on the people.

Bunnytown - Curriculum

The Bunnytown curriculum focuses mainly on humor and music. In addition, the skits and stories often have an educational focus aimed at helping kids develop social, emotional and cognitive skills.

Bunnytown - Guide Review

Bunnytown has a hoppin' flower power color scheme which, along with the rockin' music, will certainly captivate children. Also, the humor is age appropriate and clever, causing children to make observations about silly situations and learn as they laugh.

Because of the variety show style of the program, Bunnytown hops back and forth between different segments and therefor does not present a cohesive story. This format does not allow children to relate to the characters as well, and there is no plot which leads to a satisfying ending. The fast paced show switches gears often, so it may be a little bit much for some kids, or their parents.

Overall, Bunnytown offers a unique viewing experience for preschoolers. Despite the pacing, kids will still be able to learn from the show, and they will likely laugh, dance and sing along witht the characters.

Bunnytown - Expand Upon the Curriculum

  • Make some bunny sock puppets in bright colors and a bunny town for them to play in.
  • Our guide to family crafts, Sherri, has a wealth of bunny craft ideas that would be fun for bunny-loving kids.
  • Visit Disney's Bunnytown website to find games, printables, and more.

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