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Parent Info about Kids' TV Health and Other Topics


Our kids are bombarded with media of every kind on a daily basis. Some of this media can be beneficial, some can be detrimental. The following topics contain important information to help parents as they help their kids navigate the dynamic domain of TV and movies.
  1. Healthy TV Habits
  2. TV & Movie Ratings
  3. Parental Control Tools
  4. Technology and the Family Viewing Experience

Healthy TV Habits

Consistent limits go a long way when helping kids establish good TV habits. With proper parental involvement, TV can be safe, fun, and even educational.

TV & Movie Ratings

We all know that movies and TV shows have ratings to help parents decide whether or not the content is appropriate for kids, but who decides the ratings, and what do they really mean? The MPAA is a complex organization that serves several purposes, one of which is governing over the rating process for films. TV Ratings are governed by the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board.

Parental Control Tools

Several tools are available for parents to set limits and blocks on TV programs and/or movies. Many of these tools are already available through TVs or cable/satellite providers. Others are available to purchase and offer additional functionality.

Technology and the Family Viewing Experience

With all of the new technology coming out for the home viewing experience, it is hard to keep up with all of the changes. Many times, the kids and family films are front runners in applying the new technology, so parents really have to keep up!

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