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Read top picks and other information about children's Christmas movies, DVDs, and TV shows.
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Best Christmas Movies for Kids and Families
Best Christmas Movies for Kids and Families - Is there a Christmas movies your family just has to watch every year? Holiday movies are a great way to relax during the busy season and enjoy some time as a family.

Top DVD Gifts for Kids Ages 6-9 (2009)
Looking for the perfect movie for a 6-9 year-old? 6-9 is kind of a transition age. Kids in this age category are often moving on from the preschool shows and into the tween shows like Hannah Montana or iCarly. Of course, like all kids do, they want to grow up so fast! Here are some ideas for DVD or Blu-ray titles that are popular with 6-9 year olds, or depending on the child, you may find somethi…

Top Kids' DVD or Blu-ray Collectible Releases (2009)
It's not just kids who love many of these titles released in 2009. Many adults are fans of kids' shows like SpongeBob, or childhood favorites like Transformers. Here is a list of great collectible DVDs/Blu-rays or DVD collections that would make great gifts for kids of varying ages:

New Christmas DVD Releases (2009)
Whether they are new movies or new releases of Christmas classics, every year brings hours of holiday viewing fun. This year is also exciting for those who are looking to upgrade their Christmas classics to hi-def. Here are some of the notable Christmas releases for this year:

Christmas Movies 2012 - New on DVD & Blu-ray
Christmas Movies 2012 - New on DVD & Blu-ray for winter and the holidays.

Top DVD Releases for Kids Ages 6-8 (2008)
Looking for a gift for a child age 6-8 (or there about)? Here are some great new releases from 2008 along with information about related toys, books and dolls.

Top DVD Gifts for Preschoolers - 2008
DVDs make great gifts and stocking stuffers for kids, and DVDs for preschoolers often have the benefit of being both entertaining and educational. In addition, many DVD releases are accompanied by related toy lines, making it easy to come up with themed gifts that kids will be ecstatic about. Lots of DVDs come out featuring regular episodes of preschoolers' favorite shows, but these 10 DVDs are m…

Top DVDs for Preschoolers - 2007
2007 has seen a continuation in the huge push of media materials targeted for preschoolers. Many of the most popular shows in the preschool category have come out with holiday episodes and double-length episodes this year, and they are available on DVD. Here are a few of the DVDs from the preschool category that are sure to be popular stocking stuffers as the year comes to an end.

Top Religious Christmas Movies for Children
While Christmas is celebrated around the world by people of varying degrees of faith or belief in the actual Christmas story, some families are still trying to teach kids about the birth of Jesus and the original reason for the season. Here are some fun kids' and family DVDs which truly put Christ back into Christmas.

Children's Versions of A Christmas Carol
Read about three versions of A Christmas Carol that are adapted for children.

Sportacus' Top 10 Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy During the Holidays
"LazyTown" super hero, Sportacus, gives 10 tips to help parents keep kids active and healthy during the holidays.

Little Known Christmas Movie Gems
Although these Christmas movies will not be found on most top ten lists, it is not because they don't belong there. These Christmas gems have devoted followers, but they are not as well known, and some of those who loved them may have forgotten about them over the years.

Top Ten Christmas Movies for Kids
Read a list of the top ten childrens Christmas movies.

Top DVD/Blu-ray Gifts for Preschoolers (2010)
Looking for the perfect movie for a 2-5 year-old? A wealth of DVDs and Blu-rays targeted for families and preschoolers were released in 2010. If you're looking for gift ideas, you can also look for related merchandise to correspond with most of the new releases. Whether you are looking for a special release from one of kids' favorite ...

New Christmas DVD and Blu-rays for 2010

We all have our favorite Christmas classics, and this year many of them are being re-released on DVD or Blu-ray, and there are also a few new titles for kids and families. Here are some of the top new holiday releases for 2010:

2011 Best New DVDs/Blu-rays for Preschoolers
Best new movies for preschoolers in 2011. Looking for gift ideas for little ones? Here are some great new releases in 2011 that are perfect for young children.

New Christmas DVDs and Blu-rays for Kids and Families
New for Christmas 2011 - These DVDs and Blu-rays are new for Christmas this year. Check out a list of new holiday-themed movies for kids and families.

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