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Beethoven's Big Break - Movie Review

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Beethoven's Big Break
Photo © Universal Home Entertainment
MPAA Rating: PG, for some mild rude humor
Genra: Family/comedy
Age range: 4 years+
Runtime: 101 minutes
Studio: Universal Home Entertainment

Beethoven's Big Break - Summary

Since losing his mother, Billy lives with his hard-working dad, Eddie, and all of Eddie's interesting animals. Eddie works as an animal trainer, but he won't allow his son to have the one pet he really desires -- a dog. One day, though, Billy chances to meet a large and lovable St. Bernard, and he just can't help but bring him home. Billy names the dog Beethoven, and the two become instant best friends.

At first, Eddie is completely against letting the dog stay. But, when Beethoven wins over the director of the movie Eddie was working on with another animal, he has a change of heart. He takes in Beethoven and his puppies. The studio wants to make Beethoven a star, but Eddie would just like him to obey.

Between Beethoven, the puppies, and the writer who follows Beethoven and the family around for script inspiration, the father-son family seems to be growing, but will Eddie be able to really open up and let the newcomers in? When dog-nappers take Beethoven and demand a ransom, Eddie begins to realize how important the dog has become.

Beethoven's Big Break - Guide Review

Kids, especially dog-lovers, will get a kick out of this big-hearted movie featuring a huge, slobbery, and adorable St. Bernard whose middle name should have been "Trouble!" The movie is of course simple and predictable, but there are some funny parts for kids, and they will enjoy watching the dog's chaos-causing antics.

Parents should be aware that Billy's mother is gone. While she is not discussed frequently, there are a couple of scenes in which the father and son talk about her and express how they miss her. There is also another sad sub-plot involving Billy and kids who tease him about having no mother and laugh at him when he falls while skateboarding.

The movie contains a lot of situational comedy involving the dogs causing problems, farting, and making huge messes. The word "God" is used at least once, and the bad guy in the movie not only wants ransom money, but he also wants to kill Beethoven to get revenge on Eddie and the studio big shots.

Beethoven's Big Break - Discuss the Movie

  • Why does Eddie work so hard? Do you think his son understands what his father is trying to do for him?
  • Beethoven helps Billy gain self-confidence. How does this new confidence affect Billy's relationships with the other kids? Why is it important to have confidence?
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