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Peter Pan Diamond Edition - Blu-ray Review

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Peter Pan Diamond Edition
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Bottom line:: The Peter Pan Diamond Edition features the classic movie on Blu-ray for the first time ever. The Blu-ray pack also includes a few new bonus features that enhance the viewing experience and add extra content for kids and adults. Though be advised, if you don't have an iPad/iPod/iPhone, you will not be able to access some of the content.

MPAA Rating: G
Genre: Animated
Guide Age Recommendation: 3+
Runtime: Approx. 77 minutes

Peter Pan Diamond Edition - Overview

Available for the first time on Blu-ray, this Diamond Edition version of Peter Pan features the classic movie with enhanced high definition picture and sound. Soar past the second start to the right and straight on 'til morning as Peter transports viewers to Never Land, a world where children never have to grow up.

When the storybook hero Peter Pan comes to the nursery of the Darling children to collect his shadow, he whisks the children off to his beautiful and magical world. In a journey fraught with peril and adventure, Wendy and her two brothers John and Michael face a jealous little fairy, a band of brave little Indians, and a ruthless pirate called Captain Hook. The children must use all of their skills and resources to navigate this strange and wonderful land and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of getting back home. That is, if they want to go back home at all. What could be better than a world where children never have to grow up?

Peter Pan Diamond Edition - Guide Review for Parents

With characters like Peter and Wendy, fairies, mermaids, pirates and Indians, the classic animated Peter Pan movie portrays an adventure for boys and girls of all ages. Young children will love the brightly colored animation and the testy little fairy Tinker Bell (though very young kids may be slightly frightened during a couple of scenes of peril), and older kids will appreciate the swashbuckling action. The movie has been beautifully remastered and looks fabulous on a hi-def TV.

Of course, this being a Diamond Edition release, we expect there will be a few gems included in the bonus features. The Classic DVD bonus features are included, as well as a couple of new deleted scenes and songs which are interesting and fun. The "Growing Up with 9 Old Men" feature is also new, and very informative; however, there's no way my kids wanted to sit through it. What isn't included are the games and activities from the Platinum Edition Peter Pan DVD release. I assume these are available through the iPad/iPhone/iPod storybook app included with this Diamond Edition release. However, since I don't own an iPad and have no desire to download another app to my kids' iPods, I have no way to access the Storybook App.

The Storybook App situation is frustrating. At least, with Disney Second Screen, there is a way for those who don't have iPads to access the bonus material (although those which force syncing with the movie can be annoying). In this case, I have here a Diamond Edition release, which I have come to expect means a release rich with new and interactive material for the kids, and I can't easily access the most fun-for-kids portion of the content. If you have an iPad, the experience may be better, but I still don't love the idea of needing to download things to access content -- not when I've seen the content included on the actual Blu-ray discs previously with no problem and great value. Accessing the content on some sort of tablet is helpful for those interactive games and puzzles, but not helpful if only people who have purchased one certain brand of electronics can access it.

So, if you love the movie and want it on Blu-ray or don't own it yet, certainly the Diamond Edition version of Peter Pan is a no-brainer. But, don't expect the same level of new content that past Diamond Editions have given.

On a side note, if you have little Peter Pan fans, check local playhouses and school production lists to see if the Peter Pan play will be performed in your area. Also, original book based on the play is a great read aloud for families. Peter Pan is a difficult read, but kids will learn all kinds of interesting English phrases, and you can help them compare the book and the movie, as well as the play if you are able to see it.

*Kids who like Peter Pan may also enjoy the spin-off franchise of Tinker Bell & Disney Fairies movies...

Peter Pan Diamond Edition - Bonus Features

  • Disney Intermission: If you have to pause the movie, no worries! You will be entertained by a little "Pirate Training" from Peter Pan and friends.
  • Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes, plus Deleted Songs!
  • Growing Up with Nine Old Men: Children of Walt Disney's original group of core animators talk about what it was like growing up with those talented fathers.
  • Storybook App: Available on iPad/iPod/iPhone
  • Classic DVD Features: Including deleted scenes/songs and Backstage Disney features.


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