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Beauty and the Beast: Diamond Edition - Blu-ray Review

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Beaty and the Beast Diamond Edition

Beauty and the Beast Diamond Edition

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The Bottom Line

Beauty and the Beast: Diamond Edition on blu-ray presents a digitally restored, high-definition extended version of the movie, along with a wealth of bonus features including a never-before-seen alternate opening to the movie.

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  • Digitally restored, high-definition, extended version of the movie
  • Alternate opening to the movie
  • Never-before-seen deleted scene
  • Sing along mode
  • Audio commentary and numerous interesting making-of features


  • New menu style takes some getting used to


  • Digitally restored, high-definition, extended version of the classic animated Disney film Beauty and the Beast
  • Enhanced focus on the musical aspects of the movie with an added song, a new music video, and a sing along version
  • Indexed "Untold Stories" about the making of Beauty and the Beast and the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the film
  • Two new games, one powered by BD-Live

Guide Review - Beauty and the Beast: Diamond Edition - Blu-ray Review


From the shelf of honor high up in the vault of Disney classics, Beauty and the Beast returns to stores in a digitally restored, high-definition version of the timeless classic with a wealth of new extras. The Diamond Edition Blu-ray features an extended version of the movie, a lengthy deleted scene, and a never-before-seen alternate opening. These and other features give amazing insight into the remarkable making of the first ever animated film to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture.

The alternate opening, more of a first draft of the film, is vastly different from the finished product and is therefore very fascinating to watch. Bonus features on the disc explain how this first draft was dumped, new leadership was brought to the team, and animators started over from scratch. Six months of work was thrown out completely. Most of these making-of features will be more interesting to adults than kids, although the features will be like gold to kids who are interested in film-making or animation. Many of the features also focus on the Broadway version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and these segments are also rich with information and commentary.

The release contains two new games, one of which requires each player to use a phone with a unique number. Always up for button pushing and playing with phones, young kids will get a kick out of the game, but if you use cell phones, remember that your regular rates apply and make sure that kids understand that as well.

Overall, Beauty and the Beast: Diamond Edition is well worth the upgrade. The making-of footage adds significant value, and it's nice to have the extended version of the film with the "Human Again" song seamlessly integrated into the movie. The menu takes some getting used to, as the features for both discs are on both menus. But once you get used to it, it's actually nice to be able to see all the bonus features at once. Also, the "Beyond Beauty" features are indexed, much like those in Prince of Persia, which makes navigation easier.

Note to Parents on Content:

Just in case it's been a while since you saw Beauty and the Beast, here's a quick reminder of movie content. Some scenes may be scary for young children. The snarling wolves going after characters in the dark forest may frighten some children, as might the beast when he roars angrily and locks up Belle's father. In the castle scenes at the end, some children may be disturbed by Gaston's hitting the Beast with an arrow and stabbing him with a knife before falling to his death. The movie also shows characters drinking beer in a tavern. Beauty and the Beast is rated G.

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