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Dora the Explorer - TV Show Review

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Dora the Explorer
Photo credit: Nick Jr.
TV Rating: TV-Y (All Children)
Air Times: Daily, check local listings
Episode Length: Approx. 30 minutes
Target Age Group: 2-6 years
Network: Nick Jr.

Dora the Explorer - Overview

A pioneer show in the realm of interactive cartoons for preschoolers, Dora the Explorer characters enlist the help of viewing kids as Dora and her friends complete educational adventures. Children following along with Dora, Boots the Monkey, and others are asked to help the characters overcome obstacles on their way to finishing the goal or task of the show.

Kids learn about colors, numbers, shapes and more as they help Dora solve riddles and puzzles along the way. Often, an arrow clicks on correct answers, so the animation looks like a computer mouse has guided the arrow and chosen the answer. Dora, a seven-year-old Latina heroine, also throws in Spanish words, and kids are asked to repeat them or sing along with songs incorporating the words.

Dora the Explorer - Episode Structure

Each episode of Dora the Explorer starts out by setting up a problem to solve or task to complete. Usually, reaching the goal involves traveling somewhere, so Dora gets her backpack and takes out her trusty map. Map outlines the trip using landmarks, and viewing kids are asked to help Dora remember the order by repeating the names of the landmarks.

At each landmark, Dora and her friends find some educational obstacle to overcome or puzzle to solve. Dora works through the problem out loud, and gives time for kids to provide the right answer as they watch. Dora also uses several Spanish words during each show, and she often meets Spanish-speaking characters at along her way. When Dora and the gang finally accomplish their goal, they sing the "We Did It!" song. Dora does a brief recap and asks viewing children to tell her their favorite part of the adventure.

Dora the Explorer - Guide Review

Dora's popularity speaks for itself as far as the quality of the show and depth of the characters. Dora the Explorer is broadcast all over the world, is the number one rated show in many countries, and is a top 10 rated show in nearly every major broadcast market in the world. Dora is recognized and loved by kids everywhere, and she has been a remarkable influence in teaching kids about Spanish and giving them a new awareness of culture.

Perfect for preschoolers, the show offers a great balance of education and fun. Kids have a great time watching the colorful, animated characters, and as they watch they develop thinking skills while learning about concrete information like colors, letters, and numbers. Also, as Dora encourages kids to learn and use Spanish words and phrases, they develop an interest in the language and in Latin culture that opens the door to many teaching opportunities for parents and teachers.

*Visit Nick Jr.'s official Dora the Explorer website for fun games and activities featuring Dora and her friends.
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