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Best Flicks for Easter Baskets - 2013


We all love the Eater Bunny and the sweet goodness he (or she) brings, but it's extra nice when the baskets contain a few inedible surprises that won't make a mess or rot any teeth. Movies make a fabulous Easter basket filler, because they are small, colorful, and can bring joy throughout the year. Here are some of my picks for best Easter Basket fillers for 2013. And if E.B. were to add a related book and a couple of toys, she could have a wonderful themed basket brimming with fun and a little lower in calories.

*I don't include many Easter themed movie in the list, because I figure families like to enjoy those before Easter day. Check here for Easter movies for kids and families and here for Religious Easter Movies.

1. Best Overall Movie for Easter Baskets - 2013

Rise of the Guardians Easter
Photo © DreamWorks Animation
RISE OF THE GUARDIANS: Here are three reasons why this is a top pick for kids' Easter baskets this year...
  1. Rise of the Guardians is a fitting movie for Easter, but can be enjoyed all year round. Meeting the rugged outback Easter Bunny and visiting his ancient and beautiful warren full of colorful eggs makes this movie perfect for Easter, but the movie features Santa, the Sandman, Jack Frost and the Tooth Fairy as well, so it's not just an Easter movie.

  2. The books! This movie is based on The Guardians book series (Compare Prices) created by renowned author William Joyce. Add a book or two from the series, and encourage kids to read the books and compare and contrast them with the movie and other stories they've read about our most legendary characters. Also, if your little bunny is really into animation, you can also get a book called The Art of Rise of the Guardians that details the characters and each of their fantastic realms.

  3. The eggs! This edition of the movie comes with two hopping Easter egg toys which provide more inedible entertainment for kids and add color and whimsy to Easter baskets. I confess that I didn't think the eggs would be all that exciting at first, but I was wrong. Giggles erupted all over the house when my daughters opened these and proceeded to have Easter egg races and make up stories about their new egg characters.
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2. Sweetest Easter Basket Treat

Wreck-It Ralph Blu-ray
Photo © Disney
WRECK-IT RALPH: Candy, candy and more candy. With as much time as Ralph spends in the delicious world of Sugar Rush, this movie will be right at home in a basket full of sweet treats. Also, if you head to the Disney Store at the local mall or online, you can find some of the cutest toys and plush characters from the movie. Add a couple to an Easter basket, and you've got a themed basket that will delight kids and parents, because Wreck-It Ralph is one of those animated films that is fun for the whole family to watch.
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3. Most Beautiful Easter Basket Movie

Mulan Blu-ray
Photo © Disney

MULAN/MULAN II: At it's core, the story of Mulan is a beautiful story about sacrifice, honor, loyalty and family. I have visions of an Easter basket decorated with delicate flowers and including an oriental decorative egg as well as Asian inspired candy and toys.

My parents randomly bought me an oriental style egg in a glass case at a Chinese restaurant when I was a little girl, and it was one of my most prized possessions. Other great Easter basket fillers that would go beautifully with an Asian inspired Easter basket are decorative fans or an origami how-to book and paper. Origami is a favorite craft activity for kids, and the papers are small enough to fit in an Easter basket. Visit our About.com Origami site to find wonderful ideas for Easter baskets and crafts.

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4. Best Easter Basket DVD for Preschoolers

Curious George Swings into Spring
Photo © Universal Studios Home Entertainment

CURIOUS GEORGE SWINGS INTO SPRING: Curious George has a serious case of spring fever in this feature-length movie for preschoolers. His case is highly contagious, and kids will be jumping up and down to get outside and learn more about spring after watching this DVD featuring signs of spring like blooming buds, butterflies, birds, bunnies and more.

Other great new DVDs for preschoolers, like Disney's Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess and Dora's Butterfly Ball from Nickelodeon would also delight preschoolers on Easter morning. For more ideas, check our list of Best New DVDs for Preschoolers - 2013 (So Far!) and Kids' DVDs about Springtime.

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5. Best Easter Basket Flicks for Tweens and Teens

The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey
Photo © Warner Bros.
THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY: I don't know about you, but the Easter Bunny visited me until I left for college (and then I got packages from EB filled with Easter goodies). If you have older kids who still love an Easter surprise, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey delivers a magical adventure. And if your kids haven't read the book yet, by all means include the classic literary masterpiece The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien, which is great for kids to read on their own or for a family read aloud.
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