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Handy Manny

TV Show Review for Parents

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Handy Manny
Photo © Disney
TV Rating: TV-Y
Genre: Children's educational
Target Age Group: Preschoolers
Network: The Disney Channel (check listings for times)

Handy Manny - Overview

The CG-animated series for preschoolers, Handy Manny, relates the experiences and adventures of Manny Garcia, the owner of a repair shop in the quiet, friendly community of Sheetrock Hills. Manny and his trusty family of anthropomorphic tools spend their day helping neighbors and using problem solving skills to fix things and get people out of jams. The child-like tools each have a disntinct personality, and they often find themselves in humorous situations as they learn about fixing things, getting along with others, and working together.

Each episode of Handy Manny contains two 11-minute stories. The show features Latin-style music (the theme song is performed by "Los Lobos") and an ethnically diverse community of characters. Manny, voiced by Wilmer Valderrama, and other characters introduce children to simple Spanish as they frequently use Spanish words and phrases during each episode. In addition to the bilingual emphasis, Handy Manny also seeks to build kids' confidence, reinforce core early-learning concepts, and teach kids problem-solving skills.

Handy Manny - Guide Review

Handy Manny projects a strong feel of community and kindness and is rich in both appearance and character. The bright colors, breezy music, and distinctive characters will delight preschoolers and their parents.

Through fixing things and solving problems, Manny and his family of tools set an example of confidence in facing new challenges and of thinking through possible solutions to figure out what to do. Viewing children will also see many examples of positive interpersonal relationships and how it is important to work together.

Handy Manny - Expand Upon the Curriculum

  • Help kids gain confidence through feeling responsible and important. Lay out some of the tools that they have become familiar with after watching Handy Manny. Talk about each tool and what it does. Talk to them about how each member of your family has an important role just like each tool is important and has a special function. You can explain things like the important role a big brother or sister has in helping with the baby and setting a good example. Knowing they have responsibility helps kids feel confident and like an important part of the family.
  • Help kids think of a way they could help others in the same way that Handy Manny does. They could make cookies for a sick friend, help Grandma clean the house, or anything they can think of that will make someone's day and allow them to feel the joy of helping others.
User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Handy Manny, Member bridgenut1948

I watch Handy Manny every day with my two granddaughters and they just LOVE the show. I believe Manny teaches caring, courtesy, and manners on every show. The way he talks to Mr. Lopart in each episode indicates that he does not let very much bother him and that he is willing to help even when Mr. Lopart doesn't want help. The show has a wide variety of nationalities, as would any town, and Manny does very well with all of them. Wilmer has a GREAT voice and is wonderful in the character. All of the tool voices are very well suited and varied, each with their own personalities. I hope Handy Manny is on for a very long time. It has a lot to teach children.

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