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Handy Manny DVDs


The CG-animated series for preschoolers, Handy Manny, relates the experiences and adventures of Manny Garcia, the owner of a repair shop in the quiet, friendly community of Sheetrock Hills. Manny and his trusty family of anthropomorphic tools spend their day helping neighbors and using problem solving skills to fix things and get people out of jams. A bilingual guy with an easy-going attitude, Manny is very popular with preschoolers. The following DVDs contain Handy Manny episodes and specials, and with fix-it projects like motorcycles, race cars, and more, these titles are sure to be a hit with Manny fans.

1. Handy Manny: Big Race (2010)

Handy Manny Big Race
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In the title episode of this DVD, Manny helps Elliot fix up a race car! And, when Elliot gets a little too apprehensive to drive it in the big race, kids will be delighted to see their handy man hero Manny at the wheel. The episode is action-packed with humor and fun for preschoolers. Personally, I wish Manny had helped Elliot overcome his fear, but seeing Manny drive in the big race is exciting for his fans. The episode can be played in "Discovery Mode," which means that every so often the movie will pause so kids can answer an interactive question. The DVD also contains a bonus episode with the stories "Bunny in the Basement" and "Fast Eddie's Scooter."

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2. Handy Manny: Motorcycle Adventure (2009)

Handy Manny Motorcycle Adventure
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Guest-starring the Kris Kristofferson and Donny Osmond voicing fun characters, this first doubl-length featre for the series finds Manny and his tools on a  road trip to Manny's family reunion, but when some of the tools get separated from the group, Manny and the others must adjust their plans and find them fast. This special also features music from Los Lobos and Wilmer Valderrama (voice of Manny). The DVD also includes a holiday special, "A Very Handy Holiday."

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3. Handy Manny: Manny's Green Team (2009)

Handy Manny: Manny's Green Team
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Handy Manny: Manny's Green Team features the following five themed episodes of the TV show that focus on the environment and related issues:

  • "Saving the Turtles": Manny consider some baby turtles when they have to build a bike path around the lake.
  • "Manny goes Solar": Manny and the tools creatively use solar power to solve a problem.
  • "Science Fair": Can Manny and the tools get things cooled off at the science fair?
  • "Light Work": Fixing a chandelier can be dangerous work, but Manny can do the job safely and with plenty of light.
  • "Bloomin' Tools": The tools come up with a bright way to cheer up a friend's new home.

The DVD also contains a learning game called "Livin' La Vida Verde," as well as tips to help your family live green.

4. Handy Manny: Fixing It Right

Handy Manny

This Handy Manny title features five episodes of the show:

  • "Fixing it Right": Manny and his tools help out the fired department and saves a kitty cat.
  • "Felipe Strikes Out": When Manny and the gang do some repair work at the bowling alley, Felipe takes the credit for some work he didn't do.
  • "Pat's Big Idea": Pat puts his problem-solving skills to work and thinks up a smart solution to a big problem.
  • "Rusty to the Rescue": Rusty must overcome his fear in order to help fix a play ground.
  • "Detective Dusty": Where do all of those socks that get lost in the laundry end up? Dusty figures it out.
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5. Handy Manny: Manny's Pet Roundup

Handy Manny
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Manny's breadth of talent shows in this title featuring the following pet and animal-themed episodes:

  • "Lyle and Leland Lopart Blackout on the Block"
  • "Squeeze Makes a Promise"
  • "Pet Problem"
  • "Kitty Sitting"
  • "Gopher Help"
  • "Renaldo's Pretzel Castle"

This DVD also contains a game for kids. "The A-Mazing Pet Roundup" challenges kids to work though mazes and find animal friends.

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6. Handy Manny: Tooling Around (2007)

Handy Manny Tooling Around
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This first ever DVD featuring Handy Manny contains the following five episodes:

  • "Squeeze's Day Off"
  • "Amigo Grande"
  • "A Sticky Fix"
  • "Pat the Screwdriver"
  • "Supermoguy"

The DVD also inlcudes the "Build it with Handy Manny" game. Kids will learn as they choose which tool is right for each job and then locate that tool in Manny's shop.

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