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Imagination Movers - TV Show Review

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Imagination Movers
Photo © 2008 Disney. All rights reserved.
TV Rating: TV-Y (All Children)
Episode Length: Approx. 30 minutes
Target Age Group: 3-6 years
Network: Disney Channel

Imagination Movers - Summary

Scott Durbin, Rich Collins, Dave Poche, and Scott "Smitty" Smith are part of a rockin' band from New Orleans called the Imagination Movers. In this live-action series, the Movers hang out in their "idea warehouse," where they like to make music and solve "idea emergencies." If a problem needs solving, the Movers, along with their friends Nina and Warehouse Mouse, are there to do the job. All it takes is a little brain-storming, and the movers come up with some possible solutions. As any good problem solver would, the Movers then test the possibilities and derive the best solution to the problem or question.

Imagination Movers uses upbeat music, comedy, and behavior modeling to entertain kids and teach them how to be good problem solvers. The show also appeals to kids' sense of wonder and imagination through whimsical storylines and settings. Whether the Movers head to the noise room, the bubble room, the magnet room, or some other extraordinary destination, they will find a way to resolve any idea emergency.

Imagination MoversPhoto © 2008 Disney. All rights reserved.

Imagination Movers - Guide Review

Kids will be jumping off the couch to dance when they hear the relatable rock music and see how much the Imagination Movers love moving! Not only that, but the show also contains so many elements of amusing, kid-targeted comedy. Animated characters (I just love Nina, the Movers' super happy and adorable friend), a whimsical idea warehouse, and attention-grabbing catch phrases like, "idea emergency" and "situation that needs imagination," also add to the learning and the excitement.

They play kids' music that appeals to parents as well, they act funny and silly without acting dumb, and they sing and dance without looking stupid -- the Imagination Movers have come up with an imaginative, educational, and unbelievably fun show. The Movers just seem like happy, likable guys, and their sincere efforts to entertain kids and help kids develop thinking skills come across in a very agreeable way for both kids and their parents.

Imagination Movers - Expand Upon the Curriculum

  • Turn tantrums into adventures by announcing, "Uh oh, I think we have an 'idea emergency'!" or "This situation needs imagination!" Help kids practice coming up with solutions that will be satisfactory to everyone.
  • Play "brainstorming" games:

    • Multi-purpose: Grab some household items and take turns coming up with new ways to use them. Kids will love showing you that a Frisbee can be a hat or shield, and a fork can be a comb or rake.
    • Do you see what I see?: Get pictures or draw some shapes, figures or silhouettes and have everyone describe what they see -- sort of like a homemade inkblot test.
    • Charades: Kids have to use their thinking skills during charades to decide how they will portray a concept, famous person, or animal.
    • Board games: Many board games are available that require rapid thinking and brainstorming, like Outburst, Taboo, Pictionary, or Cranium. Some of these games even have junior versions for younger kids!
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