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Jump In! (2007) - Movie Review for Parents

Just Like High School Musical, But That Is Not a Bad Thing

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Jump In!

(l to r) Corbin Bleu, Shanica Knowles, Lavian Greene in Jump In!

© Disney Channel
TV Rating: TV-G
Starring: Corbin Bleu, Keke Palmer, David Reivers, Kylee Russell, Shanica Knowles
Network: Disney Channel Original Movie

Jump In! - Guide Review

Izzy Daniels is making his dad proud. With his dedication and success in the boxing ring, he is living out his father's dream. In order to qualify for the upcoming Golden Gloves competition, Izzy only needs to win one more fight, against Rodney, the neighborhood bully. Win or lose, Rodney isn't about to let their rivalry go.

When Izzy's dad asks him for a favor one day, Izzy finds himself taking his sister to watch a whole different kind of sport, double Dutch jump roping. Surprisingly, the teams are pretty good, and when his friend Mary challenges him to try double Dutch, Izzy finds out that he's not so bad himself. It's no surprise that when the girls find themselves in a jam, they call on Izzy to help out.

Izzy reluctantly agrees to stand in, temporarily, for one of the team members. As he practices with the team, he begins to love the sport. He decides that he wants to get out of the ring and start competing in double Dutch, but what will his friends think? Most of all, how will his father take it? Everyone is counting on him, and there's no way to avoid letting someone down.

Jump In!

(l to r) Corbin Bleu, Keke Palmer, Laivan Greene, and Shanica Knowles

© Disney Channel

Jump In! is one of the many Disney Channel Original Movies to follow the 2006 sensation High School Musical. Disney, once again, has capitalized on a successful formula with Jump In!

The movie has a parallel plot line to HSM, and the same general themes and morals. So, as a parent who is happy that clean positive movies are being made for older kids and young teens, I will say the same thing I said about HSM - Jump In! presents the social concerns kids face in a non-threatening, win-win way. The show encourages kids to develop their own talents and support others as they do the same.

Jump In! - Note to Parents

Jump In! received a TV-G rating, which means general Audience -- Most parents would find this program suitable for all ages. The movie does not contain material that most parents would find offensive; however, the movie does contain themes that are mature for very young children.

Young kids may have questions about Izzy's mother - while not explicitly stated, it is implied that she passed away. Izzy and his father talk about her, and are obviously grieved that she is gone.

The movie also has a very subtle romance between Izzy and Mary. The two obviously like each other, and in one scene Mary quickly kisses Izzy.

Jump In! - Topics to Talk About (contains spoilers)

  • Izzy and his family are sad that their mother is gone. Izzy is pressured because he feels that his boxing career has become the only important thing in his father's life.
  • Izzy's feelings about Rodney change when he finds out about the hard home life that Rodney struggles with.
  • Izzy has the courage to live out his dreams despite opposition, but Rodney also displays courage by admitting he was wrong and becoming friends with Izzy.

Jump In! - DVD Bonus Features

  • Learning the Moves: Corbin Bleu Teaches You How to Double Dutch
  • Inside the Ropes: The Making of Jump In!
  • "Jumpin" and "Vertical" Music Videos
User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Jump In, Member SarahAndrews98

I thought the movie was very good. It had many learning points like violence is not the answer to anything. Also different things might look boring but once you try it you actually might like it. I think someone who likes boxing or double dutch would love this movie. Also and one who likes Disney related movies would probably like to watch this movie.

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