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Learn Magic with Lyn - DVD Review

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Learn Magic with Lyn
Photo © Lyn Dillies
MPAA Rating: NA
Genre: Childrens educational/How To/Magic
Age Range: Ages 6 and up
Runtime: Approx. 53 minutes

Learn Magic with Lyn - Overview

Master illusionist Lyn Dillies shares her mystifying secrets in Learn Magic with Lyn. Lyn helps kids learn how to dazzle their family and friends with magic tricks using every day objects. She first shows the trick, followed by revealing the secret. Lyn then gives kids a detailed demonstration of how to plan, prepare, and perform the trick. Lyn also gives several general tips on how to properly perform magic tricks. The DVD includes instructions for 11 different magic tricks:

  1. Newspaper Ball
  2. Magic Ribbon
  3. Mindreading Crayons
  4. Napkin Production
  5. Dime Go
  6. Ice Water
  7. Tricky Lollipops
  8. Cups and Balls
  9. Eye on the Coin
  10. Wonder Wand
  11. Ropes Thru Body

Learn Magic with Lyn - Guide Review

Lyn Dillies presents simple, complete and easy-to-follow instructions on how to do 11 different magic tricks that are perfect for kids. Kids will love learning the tricks, and they can perform most of them with materials already found around the house.

In addition, viewing children learn the concept that magic is all based on illusion. At first, the tricks seem amazing, but as soon as Lyn reveals the secret, the mystery is gone. Kids can use their problem solving and creative thinking skills to try and guess how each subsequent trick is performed, and also to try and create their own illusions.

Learn Magic with Lyn - Expand Upon the Curriculum

  • Surf the net for more magic tricks that are fun for kids to try out.
  • Challenge kids to create their own magic trick. Help them remember think about the elements of magic tricks as they put their creative skills to work.
  • Magic tricks involving science and math open even more opportunities for learning and problem solving.

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