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"LazyTown" Main Characters



Photo credit: Nickelodeon

Rating: TV-Y
Genre: Children's Comedy
Age Range: 4-7 yrs
Network: "LazyTown" airs weekdays on Nick Jr. at 11:30 a.m. (ET/PT) and 1:30 p.m. (ET/PT). On the weekends, the show airs on Nick Jr. and CBS.

The characters of LazyTown were inspired by the common hopes and concerns creator Magnus Scheving observed as he talked with parents about their children. Parents all around the world want similar things for their kids – they want them to be happy and healthy, to be kind, to obey, and learn. The characters both live actors and puppets portray these qualities, addressing the positive side as well as some of the common challenges children tend to face:

Stephanie: The niece of the town’s mayor, Stephanie is new to LazyTown. She is kind and energetic, and she easily becomes fast friends with the other kids. Stephanie’s enthusiasm and love of dancing, games, and fun are contagious everywhere she goes, and to the viewers at home. Stephanie portrays the idea of movement.

Sportacus: The superhero of the show, Sportacus exemplifies everything healthy and wholesome. He gets to bed on time, and he maintains a clean and neat home. Sugary foods deflate him, but fruits and vegetables are the “sports candy” that give Sportacus energy to save the townspeople from various entanglements. He quickly leaps, flips and bounds to the rescue whenever he is alerted that someone in LazyTown might be in trouble, and he is rarely seen without a huge smile on his face.

Robbie Rotten: For every super hero there must be a villain to contend with, and Robbie Rotten is the resident LazyTown bad guy. Robbie is definitely not a fan of Sportacus and his active, healthy lifestyle. Robbie would rather eat junk food and be lazy all day. To him, nothing which requires any expenditure of energy is worth doing, and he thinks that the whole town should join him in his miserable meaningless ways. The only thing he spends any time doing is trying to thwart Sportacus and keep the townspeople, especially the kids, from being healthy or enjoying anything. But, some episodes do let on that even Robbie Rotten has a soft side.

The following characters are played by puppets:

Ziggy: Any parent would hope for a sweet-natured child, but for Ziggy, sweetness goes a little too far and results in an insatiable desire for candy! Ziggy has the endearing quality of being able to see the sweet things in life, but he also has to learn some lessons about eating too many sweets.

Pixel: In today’s world, being technologically savvy has definite advantages. Pixel is one of those kids whose techno knowledge would surely confuse and put to shame many adults. He has to be careful though, about spending too much time playing computer games and not enough time outside playing.

Trixie: For those parents whose book list includes Raising a Strong Willed Child, Trixie will be an identifiable character. She is strong and independent. She is not big on following rules though, and her challenges often come from an unwise decision to buck authority.

Stingy: As his name suggests, Stingy has trouble sharing. His favorite word is “mine,” but in several episodes he eventually concludes that friends are more important than things.

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