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"LazyTown" Inspires Kids to Be Healthy and Active



Photo credit: Nickelodeon

Rating: TV-Y
Genre: Children's Comedy
Age Range: 4-7 yrs
Network: "LazyTown" airs weekdays on Nick Jr. at 11:30 a.m. (ET/PT) and 1:30 p.m. (ET/PT). On the weekends, the show airs on Nick Jr. and CBS.

With childhood obesity levels at an all-time high, Nick Jr. has answered the call for help with a program for preschoolers that emphasizes healthy eating and physical activity. "LazyTown" puts a spotlight on the health issue through positive character role models and substantive storylines, and the show uses CGI, puppetry, and live characters in a brightly colorful setting to make sure the message is also entertaining.

The inspiration behind LazyTown:

While touring as a public speaker on fitness, “LazyTown” creator Magnus Scheving noticed that “there was no superhero to motivate kids to be healthy in life.” He began talking extensively to parents about kids’ health. He also talked to kids about health and learned about the things that make kids tick. Out of all of this research, the LazyTown concept was born. Everything in the show was created for kids according to his research, right down to the music and makeup.

The LazyTown concept:

Because children love to imitate, the main characters of "LazyTown" were created to act as role models or to exemplify specific behaviors. Sportacus, the town superhero, travels by mode of back handsprings and other gravity defying stunts, gets to bed on time, brushes his teeth, and keeps his place neat and clean.

The combination of puppets, live characters, and CGI animation grabs kids with a look that is bright, colorful, and very different from other shows. The exaggerated look appeals to the targeted 4-7 years age group, and is further enhanced by the unique music and fun dance numbers.

The music used in "LazyTown is specifically composed for kids of the preschool to early elementary age group. Magnus noticed that a gap exists between preschool type kiddie songs and the subsequent genre of teenage pop songs. He relates, “I don’t think parents want their kids to jump from little kids’ music to Brittany Spears.” So, the music for LazyTown provides something in between – something he says is “a little bit like Abba, a little bit like The Beattles.”

Each episode of "LazyTown" focuses on a physical or social issue that is presented to kids through the example of the characters and the learning process the characters go through as the story develops. Episode subjects range from things like doing a job right to brushing your teeth, and many of the shows in some way emphasize the importance of healthy eating and staying active.

LazyTown Reaches Out to Kids:

Magnus and other members of the LazyTown company are committed to reaching as many children as possible in the effort to get kids excited about being active. In fact, he states his company goal saying, “If we do not speak to at least 500 kids a week, we are not doing our job.” In addition to speaking with kids in character, the company uses other mediums such as a line of toys and other products which help accomplish LazyTown's goal to "deliver pro-health and pro-social messages in an entertaining and nonviolent way."

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