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About Magnus Scheving - LazyTown's Superhero, Sportacus

To Many Parents, He's a Superhero in Real Life


Magnus Scheving

Photo credit: Ari Magg

Born in Reykjavík, Iceland, Magnus Scheving is a jack of all trades, and he is also a master of many. Before creating the well-known children’s TV show “LazyTown,” Magnus was known as a world-class athlete:

“Among his many sports awards and trophies he was the two-times European Champion of aerobics in 1995 and 1994 as well as silver medalist in the World Championships of aerobics in 1994 and following that was voted “Athlete of the Year” in Iceland. Furthermore, he was also the Nordic Champion and holds six Icelandic Champion titles. He successfully built up one of the most popular health & fitness clubs in Iceland and was the manager and owner of the club for five years.”

Magnus became a public speaker on the subject of fitness, and throughout his travels he noted that there was no super hero to motivate kids to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Magnus then began to research the topic, talking to parents and kids, and observing kids to see what kinds of things they were interested in.

In 1995, Magnus wrote a book titled Go, Go LazyTown! that encourages kids to be active and healthy by putting forth positive, active role models in an entertaining and non-violent story. The book became a best seller in Iceland, and he went on to write four more books and two musical theater plays based on the series. In addition, the company has produced three musical CDs and a board game and went on to produce the popular children’s television show.

“LazyTown” is now a household name in Magnus’ native country, Iceland, and has quickly taken hold in American households as well. The TV show, which first aired in August of 2004, is the fourth-ranked preschool show on US commercial TV and airs in 49 countries. "LazyTown" emphasizes healthy eating, physical fitness, and positive social values like sharing and being kind to others.

In addition to his roles as athlete, writer, entrepreneur, producer and director among others, Magnus also plays the staring role in “LazyTown” as Sportacus. Magnus now tours all over the world talking to children about being fit and healthy. In fact, much of LazyTown’s success surely comes from Magnus’ genuine concern for kids, and his devotion to understanding their tastes, habits and motivations. A father of three children of his own, Magnus has the rare ability to humbly and intently listen to those who are often the wisest among us – our children.

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