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10 Tips from Sportacus on How Families Can Stay Healthy During the Holidays



Photo credit: Nickelodeon

Sportacus, the amazingly fit and healthy superhero of Nick Jr.'s hit show LazyTown, has the following 10 tips to help families and kids stay healthy during the holidays:

  1. Remember to start each day of the season with a healthy breakfast.
  2. The night before holiday festivities, start bedtime rituals an hour earlier so kids will be better rested.
  3. Play your favorite kid games, but add a holiday twist by making up new rules – if you are playing freeze tag, have them name all of Santa’s reindeer before they can “unfreeze.”
  4. Take the family out for a holiday run and share a special activity together as a reward for helping each other finish the course.
  5. Replace some empty calorie holiday snacks with healthier bite-size treats like fruit and nuts.
  6. Take a walk after dinner and play I-Spy with all the holiday lights and decorations.
  7. Use low-fat yogurt to top fruits and vegetables instead of whipped or sour cream.
  8. Spell out a holiday they’ll eat up. Pick a healthy food for each letter of the holiday - if you’re celebrating Christmas, serve up: carrots for “C”, honeydew for “H”, rice (whole grain, of course) for “R”, etc.
  9. Instead of making food the center of your holiday celebration, keep the family entertained and active before, during and after the feasts by building a snowman, acting out a holiday story or singing and dancing to your favorite carols.
  10. Get the kids in on the decorating. Pick out a large area for them to be in charge of and encourage them to cover the entire spot so they’ll be stretching top-to-bottom and side-to-side to get the job done.
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