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Top 6 LazyTown DVDs


LazyTown, Nick Jr.'s popular children's show, has also won over the hearts of many parents. With its emphasis on healthy living, including topics such as healthy eating, exercise, teethbrushing and even going to bed on time, LazyTown does more than just entertain. The show influences children to make positive choices and especially to have fun playing. The following is a list of the available LazyTown DVDs.

1. Lazy Town - Sports Candy Festival (DVD) (2006)

This volume presents th episodes "Sports Candy Festival" and "Happy Brush Day."
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2. Lazy Town - Robbie's Greatest Misses (DVD) (2005)

This volume contains the episodes "Robbie's Greatest Misses" and "Rottenbeard" and "Sportacular Spectacle Day."
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3. Lazy Town - New Superhero (DVD) (2005)

This volume introduces the action-packed series with the special double-length episode "New Superhero."
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4. Lazy Town - Records Day (2006)

This volume presents a pair of sports-themed episodes "Records Day" and "Hero for a Day."
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5. Lazy Town - Surprise Santa (DVD) (2005)

This volume celebrates Christmas with two holiday-themed episodes "Lazytown's Surprise Santa" and "Ziggy's Alien."
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6. LazyTown - Swiped Sweets

This Lazy Town DVD features 4 episodes with sweet themes. In the main episode, Robbie Rotten swipes a cake the kids have made for Bessie's birthday.
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