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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

TV Show Review

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Photo © 2006 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
TV Rating: TV-Y
Target Age Group: Preschoolers
Episode Length: approx. 30 minutes
Network: The Disney Channel, airs Saturdays at 9 a.m. (check listings to verify times)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Overview

The classic animated characters that made the Disney name, and are still unsurpassed as the most famous and beloved animated characters ever I might add, star in this CG animated show for preschoolers. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse introduces preschoolers to the characters their parents and grandparents before them knew and loved, like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto, as the characters entertain and educate kids with a math-based curriculum.

Each episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse begins in the clubhouse and introduces children to the story and some type of problem that they must help the characters solve. From there, the story could take kids anywhere – around the clubhouse, into space, to a fairytale setting, or some other far away place. The problem and story are designed to introduce kids to problem solving and mathematical skills. Ending each episode, the characters dance along to the congratulatory song “Hot Dog!” performed by They Might Be Giants.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Curriculum

Photo © 2006 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse curriculum focuses on problem solving and early math skills including sequencing, counting, classifying, sorting, complex patters, spatial relations, size and distance comparisons, addition, subtraction and more. Producer Bobs Gannaway says the following about the findings of the research team behind the show curriculum:

“We asked them to go out and see what concepts were lacking in current educational programming. What we learned was that math skills were not being covered. We’ve really broadened the definition of math skills to include not just counting, but shapes, patterns, colors and fractions.”

Mickey guides kids through the episodes in an interactive way, allowing proper response times when he asks questions and cheering kids on as they help the characters in their varied quests.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Guide Review

I loved seeing Mickey and the gang in show for preschoolers. Kids love these characters today as much as they did years ago, and they will be tickled by the antics of Donald and other silly characters. The classic characters and their individual personalities are the thing that make this show a winner with kids and parents, and the curriculum is also generally effective and helps kids learn to like math and develop some simple, early math skills.

The show does contain a lot of filler -- mostly in the form of songs Mickey sings that are the same in every episode and happen at specific points in the show. Also, the content quality of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shows can vary greatly. Most of the shows are excellent, some are exceptional, and a few stink, honestly. Even the few episodes that seem like the writers completely ran out of ideas at least attempt to teach kids something, and they are of course kid-friendly, so kids will still likely enjoy them as well. For the most part, the show provides great entertainment for kids and provides parents with ideas and concepts for further learning at home.

*After many seasons of the show being on the air, I updated this review 2/2013.
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It's not the same, Member Dadatsixty

I grew up in the 50's, watching and loving the Mickey Mouse club. My recollection of the cartoons is that they were entertaining, exciting and funny, without trying to bang you over the head with some kind of teaching message. Like a fairy tale, the messages are encrypted within the action of the story, and don't require the message be extracted and presented to you as though the viewer has no imagination. The character ""toodles"" is a prime example, called upon by Mickey whenever he is unclever enough to find his way out of a paper bag. The computer generated graphics to me are lifeless and dull, I feel ashamed of the way the characters are presented, and have , if anything, an anti-nostalgia when I am forced to watch these insipid pedestrian antics. My 5 1/2 yo occasionally watches these cartoons, but is to my chagrin.

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