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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVDs


Since its debut in May, 2006, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has been an instant hit with preschoolers. The timeless characters, even re-packaged in a CG animated series for preschoolers, still hold their charm and project their enthusiastic personalities. Disney has made the series even more fun by consistently putting out holiday-themed episodes, many of which are now available on DVD.

1. Micky Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Masquerade

Minnie's Masquerade
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In the title episode on this DVD, kids will enjoy watching Mickey, Minnie and the gang get ready for a costume party! Kids will learn about colors, shapes, matching, patterns and more as they watch their Clubhouse friends find costumes and decorate for the "mousquerade" ball. As the finale, kids can dance "Minnie's Minuet" with Minnie and her prince, Mickey. The DVD also includes the following four episodes:

  • "Minnie's Mouseke-Calendar"
  • "A Surprise for Minnie"
  • "Secret Spy Daisy"
  • "The Friendship Team"

Discovery Mode is available on this title, and it also works with the Mickey Mote.

2. Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland

Mickey Adventures in Wonderland
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In this double-length adventure, it's Daisy's birthday, and Donald has gotten her an extra special present -- a cuckoo clock with a beautiful cuckoo bird who makes a wonderful sound every hour. But when the cuckoo bird flies away before the big party, Mickey and Donald have to go after the bird. They follow Cuckoo down a long slide and into an odd land like nothing they've seen before. Viewing kids will be thoroughly entertained by this educational movie as they help Mickey and Donald solve riddles and problems on their Wonderland adventure.

3. Minnie's Bow-tique

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It's all about Minnie in this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD for preschoolers. Minnie is the owner of a trendy new boutique in the fancy title episode of the DVD. Pete wants to buy a gift for his aunt, but he'll need a lot of help choosing which one to buy. Features interactive adventure mode viewing and the following episodes:

  • "Minnie's Bow-tique"
  • "Minnie's Picnic"
  • "Minnie's Bee Story"
  • "Minnie's Pajama Party"
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4. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Big Splash

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Big Splash
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Get preschoolers ready for some fun in the sun with Mickey's Big Splash. The DVD features four summer-themed episodes of the Disney series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: "Donald's Ducks," "Pluto's Bubble Bath," "Mickey Goes Fishing," "Pete's Beach Blanket Luau." The DVD also contains the bonus feature "Fun in the Sun with Mickey and the Gang," which includes three educational games for kids to play. The episodes on Mickey's Big Splash help preschoolers with math concepts like counting, sorting, shape recognition, and less vs. more. Not only that, but kids will also learn a couple of fun Hawaiian words as they party along with Mickey and the gang.

5. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Storybook Surprises

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Storybook Surprises
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Mickey's Storybook Surprises[ contains the following fairy-tale themed episodes: "Minnie's Mystery," "Donald the Frog Prince," "Minnie Red Riding Hood," and "Sleeping Minnie." This DVD contains the most cohesive set of episodes of the available Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVDs. I know it's silly, but I like episode DVDs better when all of the included episodes relate to each other or fit the theme. These episodes are fun for kids, because they generally recognize the stories that the shows are based on, and preschoolers can practice skills such as problem solving and differentiating between shapes and sizes as they help Mickey and friends resolve the storybook surprises.
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6. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Treat

Mickey's Treat
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Join Mickey and the gang for a haunting Halloween party with Big Pete in the fun Halloween episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, "Mickey's Treat." Kids will learn about problem solving, prepositions, and fractions as they make their way to Trick-or-Treat Tower. The DVD also contains a very exciting bonus episode, "A Little Einsteins Halloween," and two extra spooky bonus features - printable character stencils for pumpkin carving and the Spooky Clubhouse cookbook, featuring a recipe from each character. Rated TV-Y.

7. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey Saves Santa

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
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In the feature episode on this DVD, "Mickey Saves Santa," Santa's sleigh breaks down at the top of Mistletoe Mountain. When Mrs. Claus comes to Mickey and Donald for help, they grab their Mouseketools and head out. Viewing children help Mickey and Donald as they figure out how to find Santa and fix his sleigh. The DVD also includes two other Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes which are about helping others: "Goofy's Bird" and "Mickey-Go-Seek."

8. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt

Mickey Mouse Great Clubhouse Hunt
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Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt includes a double-length springtime special of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse along with the episode "Donald's Hiccups." In Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt, Mickey and his friends are planning a springtime party, but before the fun can begin, the clubhouse mysteriously breaks into pieces and disappears with Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Daisy inside. Mickey enlists the help of viewing children as he tries to solve the mystery of the disappearing clubhouse and find his friends. Rated TV-Y.

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